Trump Protesters Descend on Arizona and Manhattan

Buoyed by the media’s approval of the leftists in Chicago who forced Donald Trump to cancel his rally last Friday night, protesters gathered in Fountain Hills, Arizona and in Manhattan this weekend to demonstrate against the Republican frontrunner. In Fountain Hills, where Trump was scheduled to hold a rally on Saturday afternoon, protesters actually blocked two lanes of the road heading into the town. Maricopa County officers arrested three protesters and towed two vehicles in their efforts to clear the streets.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who spoke at the Trump rally, said on CNN that his office was committed to enforcing the law. “We’ll do everything possible to make sure we have free speech in this country. Donald Trump has a right to speak out and the people have a right to go in there and hear him speak,” Arpaio said. “If certain groups don’t like it, that’s OK. They have freedom of speech, but they’re not going to violate any laws. They’re going to have to pay the consequences.”

Meanwhile in New York City, demonstrators descended on Manhattan for a protest march from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. Organized by pro-immigration groups, the protesters carried signs that said “#CrushTrump.”

The two protests were relatively uneventful, especially when compared to the outright hooliganism we saw in Chicago. But even so, these people might want to pay attention to a new Monmouth Poll. They aren’t accomplishing what they think they’re accomplishing.

According to the poll, 22% of likely Republican voters were more likely to support Trump in the wake of the Chicago debacle. 66% said the widely-covered violence made no difference in their views. Only 11% said that they were less likely to vote for Trump.

In New York Magazine, Jonathan Chait – an unapologetic liberal – said the poll was worth paying attention to. “When the left stops Trump from speaking, Trump wins,” Chait wrote. “He gets to tell his people that the forces of far-left activism and political correctness are trying to silence him.”

It’s funny to see Chait insinuate that Trump is feeding his supporters a conspiracy theory, when in fact that’s nothing but the unvarnished truth. What else can you call it when violent protesters actually make it unsafe to hold a rally? Well, if you work for one of the American news networks, you can call it evidence that Trump is inciting violence among his supporters, but no one with any working brain cells is buying that message.

But Chait is right about the impact of these protests. Americans don’t like to be told what they can say. That is part of what drives Trump’s popularity in the first place. By engaging in these protests, his detractors are only proving him right.

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