Trump Rages on L.A. Mayor: Stop “Urging Illegals to Beat the System!”

Last week, the Trump administration announced the next phase of the federal crackdown on sanctuary cities: The Border Patrol will be sending elite special teams of armed SWAT-like BORTAC agents into cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to assist ICE in carrying out arrests and deportations.

This step, made necessary by these cities’ laws that prohibit local police from assisting federal immigration agents in any way, horrified liberal officials who spend more money and time worrying about illegals than they do about U.S. citizens.

So desperate was Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to calm the nerves of the illegal population that he sent out a tweet assuring them that they had nothing to fear from the LAPD.

“Regardless of your immigration status, I want every Angeleno to know your city is on your side. Here in Los Angeles, our police department does not coordinate with ICE or participate in immigration enforcement,” Garcetti wrote.

In an accompanying video, Garcetti said, “I want every Angeleno to know their rights and how to exercise them. Remember, you have the right to remain silent. You don’t have to open your door to an ICE agent that doesn’t have a warrant signed by a judge. You have the right to speak to a lawyer before signing any documents or speaking to law enforcement.

“And if you need help finding an attorney you can call 311 and learn more about our Justice Fund and other resources that offer legal support,” the Democrat mayor continued. “And, whenever possible, keep a record of everything that happens. Take note of an officer’s name and badge number, of when and where you are being questioned, so you can use that information in your own defense.

“Most importantly,” he concluded, “I need you to know you do not need be afraid. Your city is on your side.  And rest assured, here in Los Angeles we are not coordinating with ICE.”

President Trump, on the verge of traveling to L.A. to hold a fundraiser, plan for the 2028 Olympics, and potentially work with Garcetti on the growing homelessness crisis plaguing the city, was irate when he saw the message.

“The Mayor’s efforts to shield illegal aliens endangers the lives of the public and law enforcement who have to go into the field to apprehend those released,” Trump tweeted. “He shouldn’t be urging illegals to beat the system, he should be urging them to safely turn themselves in!”

The message from Los Angeles officials also raised the ire of National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd.

“As a law enforcement officer, I have the right to remove you from the United States if you do not have a legal reason to be here,” Judd said in a statement. “When this mayor says that, make no mistake, we’re not coordinating with ICE, that is the wrong message to send. That’s why people cross our borders illegally. That’s why people flood the City of Los Angeles, because they know that it’s a safe haven.”

It’s fine if the LAPD doesn’t want to make apprehending illegal aliens a priority; it is not fine for these city officials to do everything in their power to help illegals escape federal justice. To take the side of criminal aliens is nothing less than traitorous – a betrayal of every taxpaying citizen in Los Angeles and California as a whole.

These clownish Democrats are making America less great, and they deserve to be called out on it every single time.

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