Trump Slammed for (Correctly) Guessing Reporter Works for China

There was an interesting altercation at Monday’s White House Coronavirus Press Briefing, and if you watched it live, you could have guessed with 100% clarity that the mainstream media would hammer President Trump over it. It was the perfect confluence of all the idiot things that the press has been trying to smear Trump with during this crisis: Racism against China, a poor coronavirus response, and an antagonistic stance against the media. Suddenly, it was all seemingly there at the media’s feet, so there was no way they could possibly resist.

The trouble began when an Asian female reporter asked this “question”:

“Last week, there were multiple flights coming from China for medical supplies, companies like Huawei and Alibaba have donated to the United States. Like 1.5 million N95 masks, also a lot of medical gloves and much more medical supplies,” the reporter said.

President Trump interjected: “That’s a statement more than a question.”

The reporter continued, finally asking the president if he was “cooperating with China.”

Trump, smelling a rat, asked, “Who are you working for, China? Who are you with?”

“Um, no, I’m working for — Hong Kong Phoenix TV,” she replied.

“Who owns that? China?” Trump asked.

“It’s based in Hong Kong,” the reporter said. “It’s a privately owned company.”

The other liberal White House correspondents couldn’t resist this anti-racism burn, so they immediately took to social media to gloat.

“President Trump just asked a reporter from Phoenix TV which is based in Hong Kong repeatedly if she’s working for China. She said she works for a private company in Hong Kong that is not owned by the state. Trump said, ‘OK good,’” tweeted PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor, herself one of those journalists who likes to make herself the story.

CNN’s Vivian Salama was even less cautious when it came to hiding her disdain for Trump.

“President Trump just asked an Asian reporter, who asked a question about China, if she is working for China,” she tweeted. “When she said she works for a Hong Kong newspaper, he asked if it is owned by China. No, she told him.”

Oh ho ho. What a racist, this president, right?

Except, as The Daily Caller soon discovered, Trump was 100% right. They went back to a Washington Free Beacon article from 2018, which told the true tale: “Phoenix TV has been identified by U.S. intelligence agencies as a major overseas outlet used to spread propaganda and promote the policies of the communist government in Beijing.”

Indeed, in testimony before the FCC in 2018, former Phoenix TV director Chung Pong said, “I know from personal experience that Phoenix TV’s content is subject to the dictates of the leadership of the Central Communist Propaganda Department, Central Communist Overseas Propaganda Office, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which often directly sent instructions to Phoenix Satellite TV.”

Now the real question is: Why did Beijing bother sending an actual representative of Chinese state media when so many American journalists are willing to spread their propaganda for free?

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