Trump Slams Gov. Cuomo for His Response to the So-Called “European Virus”


The Democratic Party dragged their luminaries in front of a green screen on Monday night to give high-handed, canned speeches about how truly awful President Donald Trump is, how our “very democracy” is at stake in this election, and how [insert latest crisis here] is the reason why we must vote for Joe Biden in November. The evening may have cured thousands of cases of insomnia throughout the country, but it’s unclear if it improved Biden’s chances of winning the election.

Among the speakers was New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who used his time to once again lay the blame on Trump for his own mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic in his home state.

“Our collective strength is exercised through government,” Cuomo said. “It is, in effect, our immune system. And our current federal government is dysfunctional and incompetent. It couldn’t fight off the virus. In fact, it didn’t even see it coming. The European virus infected the northeast while the White House was still fixated on China.”

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Apparently Donald Trump runs the CDC. Who knew? At the time Cuomo is talking about, by the way, the World Health Organization was still parroting Chinese propaganda and assuring us that the virus was non-contagious. We can only assume that Cuomo was listening to the WHO when he made the decision – long after everyone should have known better – to stuff COVID-positive patients into crowded nursing homes, costing untold lives in the process.

“Now AP estimates that the real Cuomo number of people killed because of his total incompetence is 11,000, not the 6000 that was originally thought!” President Trump tweeted in response to the governor’s speech.

The AP report that Trump is referencing noted that New York’s official nursing home count is not reliable because they conveniently left out any coronavirus patients who were transported to the hospital due to the advanced stage of their illness. If they died in the hospital, they were not added to the official nursing home tally. Cuomo’s office won’t come out with the real figure, so for all we know even 11,000 could be a lowball number. Of course, whether the final count is 6,000 or 20,000, it’s still a damning indictment of the governor’s fatal incompetence.

Trump also posted a clip of Cuomo praising the White House Coronavirus Task Force: “They’ve been on it,” the governor said in the clip. “They’ve been responsive late at night, early in the mornings.”

Trump quipped, “Cuomo, just like his brother Fredo, has not got a very good memory!”

Indeed. He doesn’t even remember where this virus originated…

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