Trump Strikes Syria: American Values Mean Something Again

On Thursday night, President Trump authorized a military strike against the Syrian government after the brutal chemical weapons attack that killed more than 70 people earlier in the week.

With an initial demonstration of force that included at least 59 cruise missiles, Trump showed Bashar al-Assad and the rest of the world that America will once again defend her values and protect the lives of innocent people.

No doubt, there may be a retaliation from the Syrian regime, and President Trump must be ready for any backlash.

But unlike his predecessor, Trump acted anyway. He acted because it was the right thing to do. He acted because the U.S. does not sit idly by and watch Middle Eastern thugs gas civilians. Not anymore we don’t. Not anymore.

After the “red line” debacle of 2013, Obama gave Assad the license he needed to eventually launch the dastardly, cowardly attack we saw this week. Maybe he backed off because he was afraid any action might escalate conflict. Unfortunately, that’s no way to run your foreign policy.

As General Jack Keane said on Fox News this morning: “Sometimes the way to prevent escalation is to act decisively.”

Trump was elected to act decisively, and he proved Thursday that American voters made the right choice.

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