Trump: To Hell With Judges – Send These Illegals BACK!

President Donald Trump, frustrated to the breaking point by the family separation scandal that has sent the left into utter hysterics, called Sunday for a new immigration system in which illegals could be immediately sent back to their home countries without detention, court dates, and all the rest of the due process legalities that have led to the current problems.

“We cannot allow all of these people to invade our country,” Trump tweeted. “When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and law and order.”

In a follow-up, the president wrote: “Our immigration policy, laughed at all over the world, is very unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting on line for years! Immigration must be based on merit – we need people who will help to Make America Great Again!”

Whether or not Trump seriously believes that we should eliminate due process for illegal immigrants, this was a brilliant thing to tweet at a brilliant time. In fact, this entire episode, as far as we’re concerned, has been a stroke of remarkable political genius – even if some of it happened to be unintentional.

Think about it: Over the past two weeks, Trump once again has Democrats focused on illegal immigrants as their most important constituency. That…that’s just not good politics. Yes, Democrats would like these immigrants to be the future of their voting bloc, but that’s not going to be the case in November. That’s not going to be the case for a very long time, if ever. They are being forced to go into the midterms talking not about jobs or even domestic cultural policies, but about how we should be embracing lawbreakers from Central America! Good luck with that message.

The polls bear our theory out. The mainstream media coverage of this family separation crisis has been unhinged, wall-to-wall, and completely insane. You can hardly turn on a computer or a television without hearing some liberal rail against these immigration policies in a crazy fashion that makes mention of Nazi Germany. And yet, the polls show that most Americans believe that Trump SHOULD be enforcing the law. Hell, and a recent poll showed that the majority of voters blame illegal immigrant PARENTS for the problems at the border. This is what Democrats are going to run on this fall? Oh boy.


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