Trump to Voters: Don’t Accept “Ruthless and Outrageous Tactics” From Dems

President Trump was on fire at a West Virginia rally on Saturday, imploring voters to see very clearly the “ruthless and outrageous tactics” used by Senate Democrats to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.

“We see this horrible, horrible, radical group of Democrats,” Trump said. “You see what’s happening right now. They’re determined to take back power by any means necessary. You see the meanness, the nastiness. They don’t care who they hurt, who they have to run over to get power. We’re not going to give it to them.”

Most polls show trouble ahead for the Republican Party as they fight to maintain control of both houses of Congress. The House of Representatives appears to be in particular peril, with most polling outfits predicting that Democrats will win the majority and put Nancy Pelosi back into her role as Speaker. Some have even suggested the Senate could be in danger as well, and analysts have littered the media with stories about how the Kavanaugh hearings – and Republicans’ conduct – will drive female voters away from the GOP.

But Trump, at the rally, had a different idea about how things might go in the light of the hearings.

“The entire nation has witnessed the shameless conduct of the Democrat Party,” he said.

We have to think this may be a bigger factor than the media is willing to admit. The intense fight against Brett Kavanaugh did not begin with Christine Ford’s letter. It had already been in motion for weeks, and we watched with numb fascination as Democrats hurled everything but the kitchen sink against this nominee. Chuck Schumer himself admitted that the party was going to resort to any means necessary to keep him off the Supreme Court. Can anyone argue that they have not done exactly that?

This is no longer about Ford, Kavanaugh, the he-said, she-said, who is telling the truth question. At least, it’s not solely about that. It’s about whether we can sit back and legitimize this loathsome witch hunt where Democrats drop a loaded bomb at the last minute. And then follow it up with two or three others (of varying ridiculousness).

If Dianne Feinstein and the Democrats were truly concerned about the contents of Christine Ford’s accusation, they would have brought it to the GOP’s attention the moment it arrived in Washington. Instead, they held it back until the 11th hour, when it was obvious that all of their previous obstruction strategies were doomed to fail. That’s not a quest for truth and fairness; it’s an act of political war.

We’ve got a feeling that more Americans see through this nasty debacle than the Democrats think. If we’re right, the polls may change very quickly.



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