Trump Vows to Replace Obama’s Amnesty

From the start of his campaign, Donald Trump has been synonymous with tougher immigration. He has since branched out to a number of presidential topics, but it is his stance on illegal immigration that continues to set him apart from the field. No one other than Trump is willing to address this issue the way it needs to be addressed. And despite the millions of dollars it has cost him in endorsements and brand partnerships, Trump is no closer to backing down.

“We will work with them,” Trump said of illegals on Meet the Press. “They have to go. We either have a country or we don’t have a country.”

Trump told Chuck Todd that he would repeal President Obama’s executive order on immigration, and he would make it a priority to deport all illegals. “We’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go.”

The media has tirelessly questioned Trump’s popularity, looking for the hidden reasons behind his surge in the polls. But because they are unable to look beyond their own biases, they miss the biggest clue of them all. Conservatives aren’t turned off by Trump’s harsh approach to immigration law; we are overjoyed by it! Imagine it: a presidential candidate who wants to follow the law! How novel!

Reliably extreme in their left-wing pandering, this week published an article calling Trump’s success “the last stand of racist white Tea Partiers.” This is why they don’t understand. They refuse to step outside their own echo chamber for a moment to see what’s really going on. It’s much easier to just assume there’s a pocket of racists out there who want to turn America white again. If they can stick with that story, they don’t have to confront the deeper truths.

Trump supporters are not racist; they are Americans who are sick of watching a treasonous administration destroy the very fabric of the country. And they are equally sick of Republicans who do nothing but sit around on their duffs watching Obama break the law. We have some very serious issues to address over the next four years, and Trump is one of the few candidates who seem willing to acknowledge that fact.

Without amnesty, Democrats go backwards. All the hard work they’ve done to shore up the Hispanic vote will go down the tubes. Their vision of an America without borders – an America where illegals can vote – will be much harder to realize. That’s why they are terrified of the Donald. Whether he wins or not, he is going to force the GOP to start taking immigration seriously.

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