Trump’s Enemies Plot Their Next Failure


First it was the 16 other Republicans vying for the nomination. Then it was the NeverTrump conservative movement, consisting of characters like Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol, and Erik Eriksen. Then it was a rogue group of Republican delegates. Then it was Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media. Finally, it was the so-called Hamilton Electors. They all tried to bring Donald Trump down, and they all crashed and burned.

Naturally, Trump’s enemies are now busy plotting their next failed attempt to keep the New York billionaire from being the next President of the United States.

“He’s not president for four and a half weeks,” wrote filmmaker Michael Moore. “Next idea?”

These are the same liberals who told us that Mitch McConnell was a racist for saying his goal was to make sure Barack Obama was a one-term president. The same liberals who accused Republicans of consistently trying to delegitimize Obama’s presidency. The same liberals who said Trump was endangering democracy by refusing to say whether he would accept the election results. The same liberals who are fuming over the North Carolina GOP’s attempts to check the power of their new Democrat governor. Hypocrisy, much?

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While there’s almost certainly nothing anyone can do to keep Trump from taking the oath of office at this point, Democrats are gearing up for a vicious fight in the upcoming Senate confirmation hearings. Several of Trump’s Cabinet nominees have come under intense fire from the left, including Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson. Tillerson, Ben Carson, and Jeff Sessions are likely to run into stiff opposition from angry Democrats who want to make life as difficult as possible for the 45th president.

Depending on public opinion polls, Democrats may also try to bring impeachment charges against Trump based on his business ties. Last week, Elizabeth Warren and five other Senate Democrats announced that they would introduce a bill requiring Trump to put his business interests in a blind trust or face removal proceedings.

“The American people do not want the President encumbered by conflicts of interest that put him in violation of the Constitution or US law,” said Sen. Ben Cardin in a statement.

Oh, stop pretending like you speak for “the American people.” If there is any barometer for what “the American people” want, you can find it in the election results. Donald Trump did not attempt to hide his business empire from the voters. It was all out there in the open. Until there’s a problem, there is no problem.

What the American people want is a government that works for them. If Democrats want to spend the next four years fighting Trump at every opportunity, they may discover that 2016 was just a preview of the many failures to come for their disgraceful party.



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