Trump’s Message to Farage


Boris Johnson’s Build Back Better green agenda to radically transform the British economy with the use of wind power and other ‘green energy’ sources is a “big mistake,” former President Donald J. Trump has said.

In a sit-down interview with Brexit’s Nigel Farage in Florida to be aired on Wednesday, Mr Trump said that while he personally “got along” with Boris Johnson, he fears that the British PM has drifted to the “liberal side” of politics, despite leading the British Conservative Party.

“He’s making a big mistake,” Mr Trump told the Brexiteer turned GB News presenter in leaked comments reported by The Telegraph.

“I’m surprised that he would allow that to happen because you have one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And you’re destroying it with all these wind turbines all over the place.”

“Once they’re there for a couple of years, they start to rust and wear out and look terrible, look even worse,” Trump said, adding: “Environmentalists are liking this stuff. I think they hate the world.”

The former president has long been against the implementation of wind energy in Britain, dating back to a lengthy lawsuit over plans to construct turbines off the coast of his Aberdeen golf course in Scotland.

“I think it’s a shame what’s happened in Scotland, in the UK, all over the place. You take a look, I think Ireland has been better about it,” he told Farage.

Explaining his opposition to the supposedly green energy, Mr Trump continued: “Wind is the most expensive form of energy. And remember, every 10 years, you have to replace those monsters.

“And a lot of times they don’t bother, you know what they do, they just let them rot. They kill all the birds, they are so bad.”

Despite previously being likened to President Trump by the mainstream media, Mr Johnson, in fact, politically aligns more closely with neoliberal Democrats in America.
In contrast to President Trump, Johnson has pursued left-wing policy aims, such as higher taxes, free trade with China, and has been weak in the face of illegal immigration like his current counterpart in the White House, President Joe Biden.

Both Biden and Mr Johnson have been at the forefront of the so-called Build Back Better movement, which the PM has said should seek to radically transform the economy in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.  In a speech last month, Johnson even went so far as to quote communist dictator Vladimir Lenin to promote his green vision for Britain.

While the UK government has admitted that it has enough natural gas to last the country fifty years in the Bowland Shale deposits alone, the Conservative government ended support for fracking in 2019, despite the widespread use of the technology in America being credited with lowering the nation’s carbon footprint and reducing dependency on foreign energy suppliers.

In contrast to Trump’s pro-fracking agenda, Mr Johson is seeking to quadruple the amount of wind energy produced offshore to meet his target of achieving ‘net-zero’ carbon emissions by the year 2050, the cost of which is expected to be in the trillions.

The reliance on so-called green energy has left Britain vulnerable to the whims of other nations, including nuclear-energy exporter France, which recently threatened to cut off electricity to the British Crown Dependency of Jersey amid the ongoing post-Brexit fishing dispute.

UK gas prices have also increased as a result of the European energy crunch as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly holding back gas supplies.

  1. jimmy midnight says

    Former President Trump sho’ ’nuff is a walk on the wild side. Maybe one of us can come up with the better battery/electricity storage technologies that are the only impediment to our sustainable future–other than willful blindness to the only real threat USA! has faced in the last 75 years, planetary heating from fossil fuel burning.

  2. Human says

    Does it ever make you wonder how multiple nations all make the same ridiculous mistakes all at one time and perhaps who is making these decisions? As if there’s a titular unseen head of the entire planet creating narratives and agendas that just seemingly happen out of nowhere? Does it ever feel like we as a species are being driven towards an unknown direction and perhaps being groomed for some purpose meant to serve an individuals or group of individuals needs desires or wants? Human beings have always been easily manipulated and led by hidden agendas throughout history. I’m getting the impression that I’ve seen this movie before and the results are predictable based on memories of past hidden agendas. Before you dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist maybe you should consider the definition of a conspiracy. When two or more people secretly make a plan and then attempt to implement that plan that is a conspiracy. Not so far fetched is it? I’m never surprised to hear of political conspiracies in one nations politics as that is its nature but when the entire western world begins to use the same catch phrases with the same goals I begin to question why. A common enemy like Hitler makes sense when nations work to fight but this green agenda we all know will never provide enough energy for our planet I again must question why. Who truly stands to gain when the western powers weaken their own nation in the name of some new green or woke ideology. When the powers that be begin to refer to these agendas as religions and call themselves prophets I immediately understand that it’s about manipulation of the masses. The technology to completely replace fossil fuels is not available and likely never will be unless the world’s population is thinned by billions. An agrarian society can only support the once normal population of about one hundred million people and we have surpassed that by ten fold. The only real way for those of us who aren’t part of the elite policy makers aka politicians and perhaps those hidden policy makers to make a difference is to resist and use our power to think critically without allowing ourselves to be manipulated via the media and government. Begin to recognize the catch phrases. They’re not difficult to spot just listen and you will know and when things just don’t make sense recognize they probably aren’t true. In America we hear the constant narrative against white nationalists and yet we don’t see them. We hear about biological males being actual women yet we know that’s not true. When bridges math and weather are racist we understand that’s nonsense and yet so many truly buy into that foolish rhetoric. Open your eyes and use your logic. Then and only then can you stand up and say enough! Use your voice and stand for what you know to be true and quit giving a pass to the idiots that seek to destroy your lives just to protect their own power and money. Stop being sheep and start being humans.

    1. RogerUSA says

      Thus the reason govt’s around the planet are working on vaccine production to guarantee us all a “booster shot” every three months. If that ever becomes routine for everyone, who knows what chemicals are being put into those shots? Birth controls, slow death poisons, and who knows what else the govt’s are planning on to reduce pops around the planet? It’s the Kerrys, Gates, Bezos, Bidens, Soros, et al we have to carefully watch, otherwise it will be mass extinction. Nobody left ‘cept the elitist controllers, already mentioned.

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