Trump’s Outreach to Black Voters Is Working

After all this time, who could have known that there was really only one thing standing in the way of the Republican Party gaining support in the black community? And who could have known that the one thing was…a heartfelt attempt to attract black voters to the fold?

Now, granted, perhaps Donald Trump would not have been able to do this if he had been going up against Barack Obama in 2012. And it remains to be seen if his rising poll numbers among African Americans will hold as we close in on Election Day. But for now, Trump’s outreach to the black community is looking like an unbelievable success.

According to a new tracking poll from the Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California, Trump now has support from 19.6% of African American voters. That’s an astounding 16.5% increase from the last time this poll was taken…on September 10th!

“It’s the largest shift we’ve seen in a one-week period since we began polling in July,” said USC’s Dan Schnur.

Trump’s success with black voters came at Hillary Clinton’s expense. While his numbers went up, hers went from 90.4% on September 10th to only 71.4% on Saturday. If things keep going at this rate, Trump won’t just win in November; he’ll crush Hillary in a landslide of historical proportions.

Remember, we’re talking about American Hitler here! That’s what we’re supposed to believe, right? That we’ve got this guy who is a throwback to the Ku Klux Klan – a man who wants to deport everyone brown and Muslim? Right, a man that hates black people and Hispanics and Arabs and Jews and everyone who isn’t a white, Christian man like himself and his deplorable followers! How could it be that THIS GUY is the first Republican presidential candidate in ages to make this kind of headway with black voters?

Well, there are a few possible explanations, but why not just go with the simplest one: He was never any of those things, and a lot of Americans are beginning to finally realize that they’ve been had. They’re starting to tune out all the talking heads and instead just listen to what Trump’s actually saying. And the moment you start actually listening to these two candidates, the choice gets very clear, very quickly. Especially if you are someone the Democratic Party has been exploiting shamelessly for fifty years.


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