Trump’s Sexual Accusers Were Bought and Paid For By Democrat Donors


There was a big writeup in The New York Times this week about how partisan players could taint the purity of the #MeToo movement by draping allegations in a cloak of personal ambition, deep-pocketed fundraising, and political shenanigans. But while the paper was kind enough to give a soft mention to people like Gloria Allred and her enormous network of Democratic donors, the majority of the piece was focused on (who else) conservatives like Mike Cernovich. Because, as you already know, whenever there is a problem with political bias, it is always due to meddlesome characters on the right. At least, that’s how communist rags like the Times will report it.

But the central problem isn’t just with the right and it isn’t just a problem from the standpoint of perception. When politically-motivated donors are giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to fame-hungry lawyers and down-on-their-luck “victims” of sexual abuse, well, common sense will tell you what’s going to happen. We’re going to see a slew of false or exaggerated accusations against politicians – accusations that are nearly impossible to refute in an environment where the watchword is “Believe All Women.”

Well, no, we cannot simply believe all women, especially when they are being led to the microphone by partisan cutthroats like Allred and her daughter, Lisa Bloom. We learned in early December that many of the women who came forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual impropriety at the tail end of the election were entirely bought and paid for by Democratic interests. So eager was attorney Lisa Bloom to get herself a cadre of clients that she became their de facto entertainment manager, arranging high-profile, paid television interviews in exchange for a tidy commission. The Hill reported that Bloom actually nabbed one accuser a deal in which her mortgage would be paid off and offered another as much as $750,000 to come forward. This latter victim apparently declined, but when you’re throwing that kind of money around, you can rest assured that not all women will pass it up.

To give the Times credit, they shed some light on where all of that “carrot” money came from. It turns out that none other than Democratic donor David Brock, through his American Bridge PAC, donated $200,000 to Bloom’s treasure trove “while the fashion entrepreneur Susie Tompkins Bell, a major donor to Mr. Brock’s suite of groups, gave $500,000 to Ms. Bloom’s firm for the last-ditch effort.”

When you have major liberal donors forking over this kind of money to draw accusers out of the woodwork, you’re doing more than merely casting a pall of suspicion over the #MeToo movement. You’re essentially destroying the movement and tearing away at any shred of credibility these women have when they point the finger at politicians in power. No one can take seriously an unsubstantiated accusation when the victim has been paid nearly a million dollars to come forward, and it’s ludicrous to suggest that reasonable observers should turn a blind eye to all of the cash (and political motivations) involved.

Once sexual harassment allegations become nothing more or less than a political “gotcha” game, the movement – which undoubtedly has some real worth when it comes to exposing predators – is finished. Democrats, always claiming to be the champions for women and feminism, ought to be ashamed of themselves for ruining it so quickly.

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