Tucker: Roger Stone’s Judge “Living Proof” of Corrupt Justice System

On Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson made herself a hero to liberals everywhere when she sentenced Roger Stone to 40 months in federal prison for witness tampering and obstruction.

While the sentence was far less than the asinine recommendation that came from the crooked Mueller prosecutors (and subsequently reduced by Attorney General William Barr), it came with a lengthy lecture from the judge. In this lecture, Berman Jackson expelled a lot of hot air about the rule of law and the importance of being “above politics,” but her condemnation of Stone, the Justice Department, and President Trump was unmistakably partisan.

On his show Thursday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Berman Jackson as the personification of judicial corruption, telling viewers that she was little more than a left-wing activist in a judge’s clothing.

“Stone’s sentence was delivered by an Obama-appointed judge called Amy Berman Jackson,” Carlson said. “You often hear people say that our justice system has been infected by politics. Amy Berman Jackson is living proof that it has been. She’s an open partisan who has so flagrantly violated the bounds of Constitutional law and fairness that it’s shocking she’s still on the bench. If there’s anyone in Washington that deserves to be impeached, it’s Amy Berman Jackson.”

Carlson noted that Berman Jackson let her ire fly free in the courtroom as she savagely criticized Stone for “covering up for the president.”

“It’s totally untrue,” Carlson said. “Nobody connected to the president has ever been charged with a crime related to spying for Russia or colluding with Russia, much less convicted of one. Stone was not charged with covering up anything. That was not the charge. That is not what he was sentenced for. Amy Jackson knows that. She lied about it.”

Carlson said it was equally despicable for Berman Jackson to put Stone under an ongoing gag order, which is a violation of his First Amendment rights.

“The entire Democratic Party and their servants in the press can defame him at will, and they are relentlessly, but if Stone dares to express his own opinion, Amy Berman Jackson will send him to jail immediately,” said Carlson. “She’s banned him from speaking publicly about the case in any way. He can’t tweet or write on Facebook. He can’t go on television, he can’t speak to reporters. He cannot express himself indirectly. If Roger Stone asked a friend or family member to deliver a statement on his behalf, he would be violating Judge Jackson’s order.

“What you’re watching,” he continued, “is the capricious authoritarianism of a Democratic activist wearing robes. It’s terrifying.”

Fact is, it couldn’t be more obvious. Hillary Clinton and her cronies lie to the FBI, eh, who cares? Andrew McCabe lies to the Justice Department and its independent watchdog? Hey, go enjoy your new contract with CNN. James Comey leaks classified material to the press and lies to Congress? Cool, go write a book and spend your free time tweeting Mariah Carey memes.

But if you happen to be a supporter of President Trump and you so much as jaywalk? Get ready for a long sentence behind bars.

Trump should pardon Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone the very day after the election, if not before.

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