Twitter (Again) Locks James Woods’ Account for Spreading Wrongthink

At this point, we have to assume that Twitter has a full-time employee whose only job is to monitor the tweets of actor James Woods and take action whenever he writes something that does too much damage to The Official Narrative. And since Woods does that on a near-daily basis, he finds himself commonly locked out of his account. It happened again this week after the Oscar-nominated actor attempted to provide some balance to the national discussion about race and policing by naming, individually, every cop who died in the line of duty since the beginning of the year.

“Starting today I’ll be listing police officers who died in the line of duty in 2020. Some will be from deaths seemingly unrelated. A cancer death, however, may have resulted from assisting during the World Trade Center rescue and aftermath, for example,” Woods explained on Sunday.

Using the “Officer Down Memorial Page” as his primary resource, Woods managed to get through some 50 officers by Tuesday. That was when Twitter brought down the hammer, locking him temporarily out of his account for apparently disrupting the “All Cops Are Bad” narrative that we’re all supposed to be focused on right now.

“Twitter offered no explanation for locking my account,” Woods wrote on Tuesday morning. “I had started posting the names of all police officers who have died in the line of duty this year. I was nowhere near going through the 97 names (as of this date), but I’m guessing it irked one of the lefties in charge.”

He continued: “This happened to another conservative verified user I know. They locked her account, then immediately unlocked it. I’m guessing other free thinkers have had the same experience. Probably practicing for the upcoming purge of conservative speech during the election cycle.”

Well, they’ve done it before, so it wouldn’t surprise us.

At long last, Twitter finally contacted Woods to explain that he’d been locked out because of a video he posted showing a young black man punching an elderly white man in a nursing home – you may remember this footage from before the George Floyd madness kicked off in earnest.

“The infamous video in question was the appalling beating of a nursing home resident in Detroit,” Woods wrote. “The victim was a frail old white man and the assailant was a young black nurse who was a boxer. Twitter insisted that video be wiped before they would unlock my account. Surprised?”

Meanwhile, how many videos of cops beating up on black men has Twitter allowed to stay up on the site? Is it even possible to count? Further, is that the real reason Twitter locked his account, or is this just some after-the-fact nonsense meant to disguise the fact that the site deemed honoring dead officers to be against their terms of service?

Is there anyone left – anyone at all – who doesn’t yet believe that Twitter has a political agenda?

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