UC Berkeley Really Loves Racial Discrimination

One of the nation’s most liberal colleges is proving once again that they are much more concerned with having a diverse campus than they are with providing a quality education. The University of California-Berkeley is so concerned, in fact, that college administrators are willing to break the law if it means getting more black people on staff.

Last month, the college introduced a $20 million fund intended to hand out scholarships to African-American students, hire “race-specific clinical psychologists,” and improve the faculty diversity. The college plans to raise funds from private non-profits to achieve these lofty and important goals.

“For too long, African-Americans on our campus have faced obstacles to feeling fully included in the life of our university,” said UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks.

Because there aren’t enough race-specific clinical psychologists? What is that, anyway? Can we get Rachel Dolezal an appointment?


dolezal                                                          “What do my white parents have to do with anything?”


Critics say the initiative is in violation of California’s Prop 209 law, which prohibits state institutions from using race, sex, or ethnicity in their educational decisions. According to Ward Connerly, one of the architects of the law, the “African-American Initiative” isn’t going to fly.

“The University of California, especially Berkeley and UCLA, have long tried to circumvent the law when it comes to this,” Connerly said in an interview with Fox News. “We are a nation of laws and Berkeley is not above them. The school has no right to avoid the law by developing initiatives such as this.”

Would today’s liberals even recognize their supposed philosophical ancestors? Martin Luther King spent his life fighting for a colorblind society, and these fruitcakes want just the opposite. Affirmative action is a tacit admission that black people cannot compete on a level playing field. Which is really just stating the obvious, right? Where would you even find a black American who has managed to succeed in this racist country?


Not now, Barack.


The answer to discrimination is not counter-discrimination. What is it with these liberals that they can’t stop trying to forcibly fix the world? To them, social justice means orchestrating society from the top down until it matches whatever super utopia they’ve imagined in their dreams. Yes, I’ll have thirty white teachers, fourteen black teachers, fifty Hispanic teachers, two transgender secretaries, one gay janitor (preferably married), and one race-specific clinical psychologist.

Of course I would like an apple pie with my order!

How else would I remember that I’m still in America?

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