UCLA Votes For Mandatory Diversity Course

Freshman students enrolling at the University of California Los Angeles can expect to be thrust into another mandatory course alongside science, math, and English prerequisites. Now, as per a Faculty Staff vote, they will be forced to take a class on ethnic, cultural, religious or gender diversity.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block couldn’t be happier with the vote, which went 916 to 487 in favor of the mandate. “A diversity-focused course has been a long-standing priority for me because of it’s clear value to our students,” Block said.

Others in the UCLA faculty aren’t so convinced of that value. Political science professor Thomas Schwartz said the mandated course was insulting. “The idea that 21st century American 18-year-olds who have been admitted to UCLA are so afflicted with bigotry that they must be forced to endure an attitude-altering course is preposterous.”

Dean of Physical Sciences Joseph Rudnick disagreed. “Just as a proper introduction to the nature of the scientific enterprise is an irreplaceable component of a complete education, an exposure to rigorous scholarship on diversity is essential preparation for life in the world that awaits our graduates.”

Sigh. The search for answers in need of a question continues.

Perhaps an enterprising bookie can open a line on how these courses will look. What’s the over/under on how many times the word “privilege” will appear in the curriculum? How much of the course will concentrate on teaching black students about the nuances of white culture? How many pages of the religious diversity course will be devoted to explaining the good Christianity has done for the world? I guess these wagers don’t work when the answers are obvious.

One nation, indivisible. Anyone remember that old chestnut?

No child in America needs to be told that people are different. It is something we recognize from the earliest moments of our lives. Not even identical twins share the same thoughts. But of course, that’s not what liberals mean by “diversity.” To them, everyone can be categorized. Blacks, whites, Hispanics, men, women, transgenders, gays, straights, etc. It’s not even that everyone can be categorized, it’s that everyone must be categorized. And then those categories must be put into a pyramid, so we can see who is oppressing whom. This may result in a white wino holding “power” over Oprah Winfrey, but please keep your common sense out of this. We’re talking about liberalism, after all.

Wouldn’t it be more profitable to concentrate on our similarities? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if we focused on those things we share in common? Of course, if the left has their way, there will be precious little of that. They want minorities to develop a grudge, and they want them to take that grudge with them to the voting booth. You see those Republicans? They’re only out for white, Christian, straight men. You don’t even need to listen to what they’re saying. Just look at them. You know whose team they’re on. Destroy them.

A real diversity course would begin and end with one sentence: We’re all different, and yet we are all the same. Teach these kids that none of these categories really matter. Teach them that the only oppression they face in this country is the one they choose to believe in. Let them explore the boundaries of their human potential by throwing off these shackles of historical shame. They would go a lot farther, accomplish a lot more, and live much happier lives. But they might not vote Democrat, and that’s all that really matters to the people who come up with this crap.

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