Uh-Oh, Joe: Biden’s Lead Over Trump is Quickly Vanishing


We’re still three months away from Election Day, and already Joe Biden’s big lead over Donald Trump is beginning to vanish. Biden, who has benefited enormously from the coronavirus disaster, the accompanying economic downturn, and his own glaring absence from the campaign trail, is starting to nonetheless lose his head start against the incumbent president.

Perhaps voters are beginning to realize that a candidate who is too afraid to face Chris Wallace is not the guy we need in charge of the country. Perhaps they’re beginning to realize that Biden and his radical running mate are only going to appease the race rioters in Portland, Chicago, and Seattle. Perhaps they’re just beginning to realize that entrusting our economic and pandemic recovery to a guy like Biden would be a tragic mistake.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear from this new CNN/SSRS poll that Biden isn’t going to simply sail into the White House like all his Democrat darlings in the media seemed to believe:

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Overall, 50% of registered voters back the Biden-Harris ticket, while 46% say they support Trump and Pence, right at the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. Among the 72% of voters who say they are either extremely or very enthusiastic about voting this fall, Biden’s advantage over Trump widens to 53% to 46%. It is narrower, however, among those voters who live in the states that will have the most impact on the electoral college this fall.

Across 15 battleground states, the survey finds Biden has the backing of 49% of registered voters, while Trump lands at 48%.

Read that last line again, because it’s the most important thing in the report. In swing states – the only states that really matter, in other words, this race is a virtual dead heat. And that’s before the debates, where Biden is almost certain to fall flat on his lying, dog-faced, pony-soldier face.

We’re also intrigued by this aspect of the poll: “More voters say their choice of candidate is about Trump than say it is about Biden. Nearly 6 in 10 say they support the candidate they do because of their view of Trump (29% say their Biden vote is more to oppose Trump, 30% say they are casting a Trump vote in support of him), while only 32% say Biden is the deciding factor (19% are voting in favor of Biden, 13% casting a ballot to oppose him).”

As Richard Nixon once said, “If you see a Stop X movement, bet on X.” If this election turns into a repeat of 2016, when it was all about either supporting Trump or stopping him, our educated guess is that the result will be a repeat as well. And with a doofus like Biden at the top of the ticket that literally no one is excited about, that’s exactly what this election is going to be: A referendum on Trump.

If Trump can make his case – and there’s plenty of case to be made – then it’s just really tough for us to see how Biden can win.

We’ll see.

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