University Requires Students to Be Social Justice Warriors

At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, students aren’t just encouraged to join the left’s social justice revolution, they are required to do so. According to the public university’s latest guidelines, incoming freshmen are being told that they must “create change toward social justice” and embrace a worldview that values “cultural differences.” The university insists that none of this comes with a political agenda, an argument that some on the faculty find absurd.

“This has happened over the past 30 years, with ever more brazen efforts to control not only language, but also attitudes and thoughts,” Daphne Patai said in an interview with Fox News. Patai, who teaches Brazilian literature at UMass, is strongly opposed to the university’s cloying demands.

The guidelines, in addition to commanding students to pursue a life dedicated to recognizing and confronting social injustices, requires freshmen to take diversity classes that undoubtedly come with a very narrow, liberal point of view.

But according to Amherst administrators, there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

“Diversity-related courses should encourage students to value cultural differences, recognize inequalities and injustices, and integrate that knowledge with critical thinking skills to address societal problems as they might choose, but [is] not based on any particular political or philosophical point of view,” a spokesman told Fox News.


You can assume one of two things here. Either these academics are too wrapped up in their own liberal bubble to even recognize that their ideas about social justice are, to say the least, politically controversial….or they are freely lying to cover up what they know to be ideological indoctrination.

There are probably some who fit into the latter category, but the majority of them almost certainly belong to the former. Conservative values are so foreign to the way they were raised and educated that they barely give them any legitimacy whatsoever. Not in the classroom, not in their personal lives. To them, the only reason anyone would oppose, say, Black Lives Matter, is that they are racist. And it goes down the line – feminism, LGBT issues, immigrants, and so on. They don’t see their point of view as an opinion; they see it as fact. And they teach it to their students as such.

Unfortunately, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. These professors and researchers want to make their mark on the world. That means coming up with original ideas and plans and schemes to further their social justice agenda. So, using the softest of the sciences, they construct elaborate social theories that aim to present the U.S. in an increasingly-oppressive light. The worse they can make things seem, the more “progress” they can get away with.

And then they send out graduating class after graduating class, challenging them to top whatever silliness has come before them.

Yes, this is a warning about where things are headed, but it’s also an explanation for why things are the way they are.


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