Utah Voters Sign Petition: Romney “Misrepresented Himself as a Republican”

As of Monday, the official Utah Republican Party is still supporting Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), even after he voted to convict Donald J. Trump on the impeachment charges brought against him by House Democrats. But while the party apparatus may be sticking by their man, ordinary Republican voters in the state are having none of it. According to a new report, a petition is now circulating on social media that accuses Romney of failing “to represent the average conservative Utah Republican.”

Romney, the petition states, “misrepresented himself as a Republican.”

The petition, which was created with Google Forms, begins by stating: “Senator Willard Mitt Romney has prioritized his personal and political vendetta against President Donald J. Trump ahead of the Constitution of the United States, the interest of We,  the People, and the advancement of the Republican Platform.”

The petition goes on to say that Romney’s vote to convict Trump “intentionally violated the 1st, 4th, 5th and 14th Amendment Rights” of the former president.

“He appears to be an agent for the Establishment Deep State,” the document explains.

In a statement, the Utah Republican Party, noting that Romney and fellow Utah Senator Mike Lee voted differently at the conclusion of the trial, celebrated the “diversity of thought, in contrast to the danger of a party fixated on ‘unanimity of thought.'”

“There is power in our differences as a political party, and we look forward to each senator explaining their votes to the people of Utah,” the statement reads. “Disagreement is natural and healthy in a party that is based on principles—not on persona.

“As 2021 begins, we look neither to the past, nor to be punitive,” the statement continued. “We look to the future with optimism and a commitment to those principles that inspired our Founders over two centuries ago. We will continue to be unified behind those principles, and are confident that as we do so, those who have joined our party will stay, while those who have left will soon return.”

Oh, we’re not so sure about that last point; we have an idea that Romney was already on very thin ice with Utah voters before the impeachment trial. After all, this guy was the only Republican senator to vote guilty in the first trial – a vote that was arguably even more ridiculous than this one. Well, perhaps not, given that this entire farce was unconstitutional in the first place. Either way, though, Romney’s “principles” may resonate with conservatives, but his passion for losing does not. And if the Republican Party thinks that Trump supporters are ever going to go back to contentedly watching Democrats smack the crap out of them in Washington, they’ve got another think coming.

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