Vast Majority of Trump Voters Would Do It Again


President Trump’s overall job approval ratings may not be anything to write home about, but he has retained almost all of his voter support from last November. According to a new ABC News/Washington Post survey, 96% of Americans who supported Trump on election day insist they would vote the same way if they had it to do over again.

The survey puts lie to the narrative – pushed incessantly by the mainstream media – that there are millions and millions of Trump voters who are now languishing in regret. Only two percent of those who voted for the Republican billionaire say they would vote for someone else if they had the option. Furthermore, the poll shows that if the election WERE held again, Trump would not only win, but he might also capture the popular vote.

From ABC News:

Among Americans who say they voted in the 2016 election, 46 percent say they voted for Hillary Clinton and 43 percent for Trump, very close to the 2-point margin in the actual popular vote results. However, while Trump would retain almost all of his support if the election were held again today (96 percent), fewer of Clinton’s supporters say they’d stick with her (85 percent), producing a 40-43 percent Clinton-Trump result in this hypothetical re-do among self-reported 2016 voters.

As far as job approval is concerned, President Trump is struggling, but ABC News points out that much of the divide is due to an increase in American partisanship. 79% of Republicans and right-leaning independents say Trump has done a good job in his first 100 days while only 12% of Democrats and left-leaning independents agree.

Democrats have little to celebrate when it comes to these poll numbers, though. 67% of Americans say the Democratic Party is out of touch with the issues on the minds of the public, a 19% drop from three years ago. ABC News points out that much of that deterioration occurred within the party’s own liberal base.

On the other hand, these numbers aren’t ideal for the fledgling Trump administration; it’s much easier to push legislation through Congress when you have the support of the public. That may be a pipe dream at this early stage in Trump’s presidency, however; after a brutal election, people have yet to “settle into” the new administration. Democrats, for their part, act as though the election never happened or that it was somehow stolen from them by Moscow and “fake news.” With that mindset, national unity will be hard to find.

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