Vespa: Congressional Republicans Coming To Take Cheney’s Seat

By Matt Vespa

Maybe it’s just time to call it. It’s not like she’s going to be homeless if she leaves Congress. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has done everything she can to infuriate her own party base. She’s never home. She calls all of them crazy. She’s on the Democrats’ dog and pony show committee on January 6. She’s openly declared war on Trumpism within the GOP, but she’s all alone. Her only path to salvation is the hope that enough Wyoming Democrats vote for her. Yeah, she has no friends. There are over 100 congressional Republicans who intend to back Cheney’s primary challenger. They’re descending into Wyoming for the occasion as well. Read the room, Lizzy. You’re not one of us anymore (via Daily Caller):

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said over 100 Republicans from Congress will be supporting Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s primary opponent, Harriet Hageman, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller.

McCarthy, who endorsed Cheney’s primary opponent in February, told the Caller that over 100 Republican members will be supporting Hageman at an event at the end of March. The minority leader and House Republicans have been very critical of Cheney and said the best way to move forward with Cheney is to help Hageman, who are running for her seat.

Although McCarthy did not mention the names of Republicans attending the event or where it will be held, he did say Cheney simply has not been doing any work for the people of Wyoming.

“Your conference doesn’t determine whether you’re a Republican or Democrat. You get to determine that. And the way to go about it is exactly what I’m doing. I support Harriet in Wyoming. You’re going to find there’s going to be an event for Harriet next week. No one knows this. There’s more than 100 members that are co-sponsoring that,” McCarthy told the Caller.

Liz must know her media hits only help our enemies, right? She’s being played by Democrats and seems okay with that. She lost her leadership position on the Hill for a simple reason: she wouldn’t get with the times. The GOP is Trump. The GOP is populist-leaning right now. The base has endured the games of too many squishy losers who would rather lose with honor than win. For those who complain about the rise of alt-right-ish types within the conservative movement, well—this is how they’re born. When those who promised to fight for us either don’t do it or cave to other interests. I’d be infuriated too. 

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