Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Under Fire From Nutty Liberals

Not that long ago, it would have been within the expected and normal course of business to see feminists going after something like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Back in the day, when feminists actually made consistent, logical sense once in a while, you would not have been surprised to see them attacking such an event for exploiting female sexuality for the glorification of male viewers. In that way, it wasn’t uncommon to (occasionally and unintentionally) see feminists and conservative Christians on the same page, encouraging the demise of the “sex sells” industry that makes up so much of Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

Of course, we’re long past those days. Today’s feminist considers herself “sex-positive” and blames any exploitation of women on men. If a woman is working in the porn industry, that’s her choice as a 21st century powerful female. But if men are employing her in said porn industry, they are hopeless patriarchs trying to keep the female species from rising to equal status…or something. And we’re sure they have similar feelings about the Victoria’s Secret brand.

But feminists and liberals aren’t upset about this year’s Fashion Show because of anything to do with those old debates about sexuality. No, no, they’re upset for a far more ridiculous reason: Cultural appropriation.

What, you ask? Did the ancient Aztecs parade women around in their underwear once a year in a cherished tribute to the gods? Well, no, but Teen Vogue is here to tell you exactly what’s wrong with this year’s event. Read it fast, though, since this magazine is getting ready to shut down production…for some strange reason.

“The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show each year is made up of themed segments,” Teen Vogue informs us. “This year, the one in question was dubbed ‘Nomadic Adventure,’ featuring a flurry of looks that seemed as though they had been inspired by tribal and Native American dress.”

This is a problem, of course, because few if any of the models are actually Native American. And, as you may remember from all the liberal whining approximately thirty days ago, it’s not acceptable for whites to go dressing themselves in costumes that originated in other cultures.

“So now Victoria’s Secret is totally ok with cultural appropriation,” wrote a braindead moron on Twitter. “Wow. Ok.”

It’s getting really hard to tell if these idiots are actually upset about the things they rage against or if they’re just pretending to be upset for the sake of relieving themselves from the boredom of their meaningless lives. We sometimes wonder if even they know the difference anymore.



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