Victory at Last: House Passes Obamacare Replacement Bill


Critics have been all-too-eager to note that the healthcare bill Republicans narrowly passed on Thursday is not a true, FULL replacement of Obamacare, but for anyone who thought that the GOP was destined to really screw the pooch on this one, no petty remarks from the peanut gallery can spoil the moment. Republicans finally managed to get together and get something done for the good of the American people, and it now feels like the Trump Train is back on the tracks.

But while Thursday’s triumph gives Republicans the right to take a breather over the weekend and celebrate, the work is far from over. The bill – in a much-changed form, no doubt – still has to pass the Senate before it arrives on President Trump’s desk. That won’t be an easy task, because the GOP has much less room for error in the upper chamber where they only hold a razor-thin majority.

In the meantime, Republicans can make things easier on themselves by returning to the most important message they can deliver: Obamacare is running out of gas. With or without a new healthcare law, the much-ballyhooed Affordable Care Act is toast. This isn’t something that will happen in the future; it’s something that is already happening in many areas of the country. There are cities where every single health insurance company has pulled out of the marketplace, leaving people without any decent options. And in many, many places, only a single insurance company remains, reducing the “free market” to little more than a monopoly. THIS is the great healthcare system that we can’t afford to scrap?

Democrats have been allowed to control the healthcare narrative for far too long, and they have been lying through their teeth. Republicans need to be willing to step up to the microphone and call them the liars that they are. They need to tell the American people the truth about Obamacare. Not just that it’s failing, but that it was in fact a failure from Day One. A failure because it was not a “healthcare” law at all; it was a thinly-disguised expansion of the welfare state.

Nothing Republicans can pass will erase all of the damage done by Obamacare; once a country gets accustomed to an entitlement, it is not easy to strip it away. And it will take more than a single year or a single bill to move beyond this bloated catastrophe.

But it’s a start. It’s a sign that, after eight long years, America is returning to its roots as the home of individuality, pride, and free-market values.

It won’t be long before we have another reason to bitch about the Washington GOP establishment.

Today, though, we raise our glass. Good job, guys. You actually came through.


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