Video: Americans Fleeing to Mexico for Better Opportunities

Joe Biden’s economy is sinking so fast that over five million Americans have gone to Mexico, according to a report.

It’s a Fake News CNN report, but it doesn’t seem to be completely fake news this time, as it cites Inept State Department figures.

A million more Americans flew to Mexico in the first five months of this year than they did at that point during 2019 (pre-pandemic).

“A refuge for migrants,” the ridiculous Fake News CNN voice over states, adding “perhaps not the border crossing you expected.”

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting watch:

Fake News CNN also noted this week that average rent prices are “up 25% from March 2020”.

A majority of 62 percent of renters are worried about being able to pay:

Food prices are up 13.1%, and 48% of Americans according to a YouGov poll say inflation is “eroding their livelihoods”:

Don’t worry though, because Biden signed the ‘inflation reduction act‘ this week.

And remember, the U.S. definitely isn’t in a recession because that has been redefined.

Original Article: Video: Americans Are Fleeing To MEXICO To Avoid Biden’s Titanic Economy |

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