Video: Election Official Breaks Most Widely Known Law


A Pennsylvania election official was caught on hidden camera telling a Project Veritas journalist to “vote Democrat” inside a polling location.

The official, Christie Yang, is the election board’s Mandarin translator.

The exchange occurred inside the polling location at 609 Snyder Ave. in Philadelphia.

“I asked you to vote the Rep — I mean the Democrat down ballot,” Yang told the undercover journalist. “Because we’re trying to focus on, if the Democrats win, then at least they represent us.”

Yang explained to the journalist how she chooses is to look down the line and go with all of the Democrats.

“I don’t bother with Republicans, because they’re the Trump people,” Yang added. “But if you want the Democrat win, you must focus — if we all focus on Democrat, we can win.”

Yang said that “we need to be united right now.”

When Project Veritas brought the footage to Christopher Cwienkala, Judge of Elections for Ward 39 — Division 19, he said “I agree with you — that doesn’t look good.”

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  1. David S Starrett says

    “That doesn’t look good”? What do you mean it doesn’t look good. Its a major breach of trust you idiot!
    She needs to be at the minimum, dismissed and maybe possible charges brought against her. The supervisor also needs to be replaced. This is such a dismissive attitude to have. This is the same kind of stuff that happened in 2020 and everyone on the democratic side just shrugged and said, “nothing to see here folks, move along and stay in line”.

  2. Robert Jablonski says

    Hey dude you know these scum bag dems won’t do anything to this sleezy BITCH!!!!

  3. Brenda T. says

    So what is her punishment?

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