Video: Man Defends Smoke Shop With Knife


On Tuesday, around 3:30 p.m., a robbery was reported at the Smokestrom Smoke Shop near the 4500 block of West Sahara Avenue. Police are investigating the incident but so far have released no information on what happened.

Our sources tell us that three men attempted to rob the store, and an employee (possibly the owner) grabbed one after jumping the counter and started stabbing him multiple times. Additionally, our sources tell us that a video released this morning from Andy Ngô on Twitter shows security footage of the robbery and the stabbing.

While the media has attempted to bury this story, after all you wouldn’t want the public knowing they can fight back, these types of robberies have now become a daily occurrence in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has become a downright dangerous place to be. From the shootings on Fremont Street to the No-Go Zones taken over by gangs and homeless addicts on the strip, our local media and our local leaders seem unwilling to do anything to address what’s really going on.

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  1. Josette says

    Absolutely love seeing these criminal punks, thinking they are going to rob and possibly harm someone, get caught like a deer in headlights when an owner/employee bravely fights back. The thugs think everyone is going to obediently cower in the corner and let them steal whatever they want. It is a new day and We The People are SICK of being victims.

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