Video: New Meteorologist Loses it on Live TV

In case you missed it, there was a funny moment on our sister station, ABC7 in Chicago’s, morning show Thursday.

Check out Meteorologist Greg Dutra’s surprise when he found out his television had a touchscreen while he was live on the air.

“Oh, I moved the map… I didn’t know I could do that!” he said.

Anchor Terrell Brown was so excited, he had to test it out as well.

“This is a great day!” Dutra exclaimed after realizing he could zoom in on the screen as well.

Dutra later shared the video on Twitter, saying, “This wasn’t in the training manual!”

Original Article: ABC7 Chicago Meteorologist Greg Dutra discovers his TV is a touchscreen: ‘I didn’t know it could do that!’ – ABC7 Los Angeles

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