Vindication for Teacher Who Was Fired for Tweeting to Trump

Last year, high school English teacher Georgia Clark was fired by the Fort Worth Independent School District for tweeting to President Donald Trump. Clark’s concern? That her school was filled to the brim with illegal immigrants. Knowing this was no made-up complaint, the district took quick action to get Clark out of the classrooms. Terrified that her presence might make the city’s illegal population feel unsafe (or whatever words the left likes to come up with to shame anyone who actually wants to protect this nation and its actual citizens), the district gave Clark a pink slip.

Now a state agency has ruled that the district was out of line when they fired Clark, and they’ve given FWISD two choices: Reinstate Clark to her job…or pay her a year’s worth of salary.

The district vows to appeal.

“We stand by our decision because we firmly believe this is in the best interests of all students,” said Superintendent Kent Scribner, using the word “all” as a substitute for “illegal immigrant.”

Independent investigators said that the school district violated Clark’s right to free expression when they punished her for the tweets.

“Clark’s tweets are statements of a citizen on a matter of public concern protected by the United States Constitution and do not contravene or impair policies or proper performance of the district’s functions,” the report said. “She has been evaluated as an excellent teacher consistently throughout her employment.”

The controversy began on May 17, when Clark sent a number of tweets that she believed were private messages to President Trump. In them, the teacher reported that her district was “loaded” with illegal immigrant students from Mexico and that her own school had been “taken over by them.” She also said these students benefited from a “Hispanic assistant principal who protects certain students from criminal prosecution.”

A few days later, Clark again wrote to President Trump, saying, “I really do need a contact here in Fort Worth who should be actively investigating and removing the illegals.”

Now granted, this woman does not sound like the most politically-correct teacher in Texas, but how is what she wrote a fireable offense? Is illegal immigration not a crime? Would she have been fired for reaching out on Twitter about other, uncontroversial crimes? No, of course not. It’s only this specific crime that school districts and Democrats are willing to overlook, because the politics are so sensitive. Well, that’s baloney. Clark didn’t deserve to be fired, and she sounds like exactly the kind of teacher we could use more of.

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