Virus Causing Baltimore to Finally Crack Down on Murder


It apparently takes a worldwide crisis for Baltimore city leaders to finally take seriously the rampant crime and homicide that has been ravaging the streets for years. On Wednesday, Mayor Jack Young announced that gang members and other criminals need to stop shooting each other so that hospitals can keep medical personnel and equipment available for people suffering from COVID-19.

“I want to reiterate how completely unacceptable the level of violence is that we have seen recently,” Young said. “We will not stand for mass shootings and an increase in crime. For those of you who want to continue to shoot and kill people of this city, we’re not going to tolerate it. We’re going to come after you and we’re going to get you.”

Unlike before, when you were willing to what? Look away and pretend there wasn’t an ongoing self-holocaust happening in your poor, black communities? Gee, remember when President Trump was explaining how Baltimore was a “rat-infested” hellhole a year or two ago, and everyone feigned shock at how racist and awful he was being? Yeah, that was a cold dose of truth that liberals wanted to ignore.

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But now we’re going to talk sense into gangs that are basically at war. Good luck with that.

“We cannot clog up our hospitals and their beds with people that are being shot senselessly because we’re going to need those beds for people infected with the coronavirus,” he said. “And it could be your mother, your grandmother or one of your relatives. So take that into consideration.”

That news is all well and good, and we would certainly co-sign the sentiment. We just have to wonder how seriously it’s going to be taken. Spring Breakers in Florida are out there on Clearwater Beach yelling “YOLO,” and you think hardened gang-bangers in Baltimore are going to say, Ah, you know what, I was going to murder my rival tonight, but I guess I should really listen to the mayor and practice social distancing?

It’s like those police departments around the country and their facetious social media posts asking criminals to please halt all activity until after the coronavirus is over. Except Mayor Young is actually serious.

Point blank, tough decisions are going to have to be made regardless hospital beds, emergency care, surgery, ICUs, and even medical equipment. And if the choice comes down to some idiot crackslinger on the street who got shot by a rival gangster and a 35-year-old woman with advanced COVID-19 and two kids at home, we hope hospitals will have the sense to prioritize correctly. Harsh times call for harsh measures; if these Baltimore criminals don’t care about their own lives, why should anyone else?

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