WAKE UP ENGLAND: UK Bomber Used Tax Dollars to Subsidize Terror Plot


According to the UK Telegraph, British taxpayers subsidized the terror attack that killed 22 people at a Manchester concert last Monday night.

Throughout the scope of their investigation, which is continuing to unravel the enormous, labyrinthine plot that Islamists used to launch the bombing, police officials have discovered that terrorist Salman Abedi used thousands of pounds in government money to fund his trips between Libya and the United Kingdom. They also suspect that this money went towards building the very bomb he used to destroy the lives of those who attended the concert.

The Telegraph reports that there is “growing alarm over the ease with which jihadists are able to manipulate Britain’s welfare and student loans system to secure financing.”

From the report:

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Abedi was given at least £7,000 from the taxpayer-funded Student Loans Company after beginning a business administration degree at Salford University in October 2015.

It is thought he received a further £7,000 in the 2016 academic year even though by then he had already dropped out of the course. Salford University declined to say if it had informed the Student Loans Company that Abedi’s funding should have been stopped.

What has happened in the United States with the election of Donald Trump is soon to happen in Britain. And in fact, with the Brexit vote last summer, it has already begun to happen. On the left/right continuum, a Western European nation like the UK will perhaps always be much more liberal than we are over here across the pond, but there are definitely signs of an awakening. That’s what happens when citizens are confronted, over and over again, with the ruthlessness of Islamic terrorism and the absurd, economy-crushing perils of unrestrained immigration. Even bleeding-heart liberals can only take so much. Eventually, even they look at the ruins of their country and have to admit to themselves that something has gone terribly wrong.

“The Government has previously admitted it has no idea how many terrorists could be using taxpayer funded benefits and student loans to finance their activities,” reported the Telegraph.

Just take that in and sympathize with the rage you’d feel if you were a Brit. The government “has no idea” if your tax dollars are going to support terrorist plots against your fellow citizens? How can that be? How can such a statement be made without immediately being followed by intense, dramatic changes in the way Britain dispenses these loans to Muslim immigrants?

Or, save yourself the secondhand rage and experience it for yourself. Our country also loves to hand out student visas and loans to immigrants. How many of OUR tax dollars are currently funding terrorist plots against the U.S.? How much have we allowed OUR government to get away with in terms of weakening our national security?

We’ve already had a number of wake-up calls when it comes to Islamists. And yet, the courts and Congress continue to stymie the man who was elected to put an end to this nonsense. In other words, they are hitting the snooze button on our behalf.

When the day of reckoning comes, we’ll know exactly who to blame.

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