Wallace Grills Pelosi on COVID Talks: “Didn’t You Mess This One Up?”


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on Fox News Sunday for a conversation with veteran reporter Chris Wallace, which, let’s face it, means she has more intestinal fortitude than Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, who refuses to show up for his own grilling. In any event, by the time Pelosi was done with this interview, she too might have entertained thoughts of hiding out in her basement. Wallace put her through the paces on the failed coronavirus stimulus negotiations – stalled talks that ultimately led President Donald Trump to take matters into his own hands with a series of executive orders.

Pelosi, of course, downplayed Trump’s orders, insisting that they only provide the “illusion” of assistance to American workers suffering during the pandemic.

Wallace, however, didn’t let her off the hook quite that easily.

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“You’re known as a master negotiator, but didn’t you mess this one up?” Wallace asked. “You knew that the president was threatening to take this executive action. I understand that you weren’t going to get everything you wanted and didn’t get everything you wanted, but should you have cut a deal?”

Pelosi, who is not particularly accustomed to being challenged by the press, stiffened and accused Wallace of “clearly” lacking “an understanding of what is happening.” But after Pelosi failed to explain what was happening in a way that made sense, Wallace returned to the meat of his argument.

“Speaker, but the point I’m trying to — I’m trying to make is, you — they were offering $150 billion for cities and states. You wanted $900 billion. The result of no deal is that the states and cities, which we all agree do need some money, are going to get nothing. I guess the question is — and I’m not saying it’s all your fault any more than it’s all the Republicans’ fault, but the failure to make a deal is going to result in a lot of people and a lot of entities that were in need ending up with nothing,” he observed.

Pelosi essentially confirmed that she would rather get nothing than something, insisting that even if negotiations do restart, Democrats won’t budge an inch when it comes to the demands they have for the bill…even though many of those demands have absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus, which is exactly why they were rejected by the Republican Senate.

Pelosi is now in the unenviable position of challenging Trump’s executive orders in court, which means she is not only unwilling to negotiate with Republicans, she’s actively going to try and prevent Americans from getting the only federal help currently available. We’re not sure how she’s going to sell that one to voters this fall, but we’re sure her friends in the liberal media will do everything they can to help her.

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