WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin Says the Media Covers For Republicans


With every passing day, Jennifer Rubin’s sanity crumbles a little more. The Washington Post’s resident “conservative” hasn’t said a kind word about conservatism or the Republican Party since at least 2015, but she’s still regularly treated as though she were bringing a right-leaning viewpoint to the paper’s opinion page. In reality, Rubin is infected with one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the country, and she doesn’t miss a chance (and she has several a day) to berate the president, denigrate Republicans, and promote Democrats as the last remaining hope of the nation.

Like most of the left-wing media, Rubin has decided that, unlike Christine Blasey Ford, Tara Reade is a churlish troll just out there trying to make Joe Biden look bad. #BelieveAllWomen is dead and buried; #BelieveOnlyTheWomenWeWantYouToBelieve is alive and well. And because Reade’s allegation against Joe Biden threatens to destroy the Democratic Party’s hope of dethroning President Trump in November, she is most certainly not one of the women to be believed. A comparison of the media’s coverage of Ford with its coverage of Reade is a study in shame. An alien from Neptune could see the bias.

But not Rubin. She actually thinks (or is pretending to think, in any case) that the media is biased…in favor of Republicans!

“Regarding claims of sexual harassment and assault, consider that Trump is not asked about the rape allegation made against him by E. Jean Carroll,” Rubin writes. “He denied in 2019 knowing her and recycled a grotesque trope, namely that rape is about sexual attraction.”

In what way did Trump deny knowing Carroll if he wasn’t asked about the allegation in the media? Rubin can’t even keep her facts straight. And if she wants to make the case that Reade’s allegations are getting as much or more media attention than Carroll’s, then she is obviously counting on her readers coming to the table with extremely short memories. For at least two weeks, you couldn’t turn on a cable news show without seeing Carroll’s doddering face. This cycle continued until Carroll began to unravel publicly and the media realized that she was her own worst enemy.

“The media has adopted the approach that a pattern of sexual harassment claims over decades is not relevant because Trump has denied them, yet they (properly) want investigated the single assault claim against Biden,” she continues. “Biden responded in an interview and in a lengthy written statement; the media insists these things have to be investigated further. They do not ask Trump’s campaign why the president does not respond to questions. They do not ask Republicans about Carroll, Zervos or others.”

First of all, Rubin makes only one mention of Brett Kavanaugh in her entire column, presumably because she knows she couldn’t get away with this deceitful argument if she were to address that whole scandal. But even while conveniently ignoring the Kavanaugh saga, Rubin makes a fool out of herself by pretending that the media hasn’t raked Trump over the coals for nearly five years for these sexual allegations.

“Republicans have gotten very good at intimidating the media — ‘working the refs’ — and it shows,” she concludes.

Please, if you are someone who knows and loves Jennifer Rubin, organize an intervention. It’s time for her to find another line of work – one that doesn’t involve embarrassing herself in public on a daily basis.

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