WaPo’s Rubin: GOP Has “No Excuse” Not to Call John Bolton

Among the conservatives who suddenly turned their back on a lifelong political commitment because they were just THAT offended by Donald Trump, few are worse than the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. She drank the liberal Kool-Aid and went back for seconds. These days, though she is still bafflingly referred to as a “conservative” by other media outlets, her daily screeds are often more unhinged than your typical left-wing kook. The term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is perhaps overused, but Jennifer Rubin is the best living example of someone who has been twisted into something unrecognizable by the disease.

You can find evidence for this sickness every single day in the pages of her opinion column, but Tuesday’s piece on the impeachment trial serves as well as any other. Here, Rubin demonstrates just how far from reality a sizzling case of TDS can take a person.

“The revelation that former national security adviser John Bolton is prepared to release a book documenting President Trump’s attempt to extort Ukraine with U.S. aid to smear a political rival has entirely recast the impeachment trial,” she writes.

This is a statement without evidence, and even if Rubin simply means it has recast her own perceptions of the trial, it’s preposterous beyond words. This woman has been salivating over Trump’s impeachment since the day Democrats announced their inquiry. Bolton’s leaked manuscript didn’t change a damn thing. Furthermore: Since when do we not assume that, with a million-dollar book deal hanging like a lure, authors don’t stretch the truth a bit to make for a more sensational sales pitch?

In any case, Rubin’s point in this pointless article is that Republicans HAVE to call Bolton to testify.

“Senate Republicans have no excuse to conceal Bolton’s testimony,” she writes. “They must rebut the perception that they are Trump’s corrupt partners. Saying Republicans want to trade an explosive witness for one without relevance so they can smear Trump’s opponent is going to reinforce the conclusion this entire scheme was all about smearing the Bidens, just as the articles of impeachment contend.”

What can you do but laugh? Yes, we assume this is a relatively cogent position coming from someone whose friends are all Beltway media pundits at the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC. But surely Rubin hasn’t forgotten the fact that there DO, actually, exist Americans outside that limited bubble, right? We know Trump Derangement Syndrome is a terrifying, all-encompassing illness, but surely it isn’t so devastating that you forget that there are millions of Americans (the majority, depending on when and by whom the poll is taken) who think this entire impeachment exercise is a partisan sham.

We don’t know how this witness vote is going to go. But whether Republicans call Bolton, call Bolton AND Biden, or call no one at all, it isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference come November. Trump will be acquitted, the country will move on, and this impeachment circus will be an embarrassing footnote in Washington history. If Jennifer Rubin would seek treatment instead of worshiping Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, she would realize that.

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