War on Christmas: 2015 Edition

Liberals love to make fun of conservatives for believing that there is a cultural “war on Christmas.” And maybe it’s true that commercialization destroyed more of what makes this holiday special than did political correctness. But that doesn’t mean that the latter hasn’t taken its toll. And unless we want to see this time of year referred to exclusively as Shop-a-rama or “the holidays,” we would do well to maintain vigilance.

See, these liberals have a very good reason for pretending there’s no war. If they can get us to believe that it’s all a figment of our imagination, or that there’s something evil about protecting our religious and cultural traditions, they can win without even bothering to fight. When they can get us to the point where we say, “Yeah, hmm, I guess it is sorta exclusionary to say Merry Christmas,” the battle is over. Pack it up. Wave the white flag. We’re done.

Question: If you moved to Saudi Arabia and someone wished you, “Happy Ramadan,” would you stomp your feet and pitch a fit? Would you go on your blog and complain about how oppressed you felt as a Christian? Or would you, just maybe, accept that you are living in a country that shares certain cultural beliefs? And that you don’t necessarily have to buy into everything to feel “welcome.” Or “safe.” Or tolerated, or whatever word they’re using these days.

Now, in the aforementioned example, you would probably wind up stoned to death if you put up a fuss, but let’s put that aside for the time being. The point is not Christianity vs. Islam. The point is that there is no reason whatsoever for us to tear everything meaningful out of Christmas so that there’s no possible way for anyone to ever get offended. If you’re offended by Christmas, you have serious problems that need to be addressed by a mental health professional.

The thing is…where are all these people who are supposedly excluded and offended? Do they even exist? It seems like we do this every year – not on behalf of oppressed Muslims and Jews and Atheists and whoever, but in service of some busybody organization that only exists to make headlines. In other words, special interest groups that know donations go up when they make noise.

But they’ve gotten so good at what they do that people are starting to be proactive. Consider what just happened in New Hampshire. The local American Legion wanted to pass out flyers to school students, inviting them to the “Annual Christmas Tree Lighting” event. No, no, said the superintendent. You can’t call it that.

“He wanted me to change it to say ‘holiday tree lighting’ instead,” said Legion Commander John Fletcher. “It’s not a holiday tree, it’s a Christmas tree. If you want a holiday tree, then do it for Valentine’s Day, or Columbus Day, or whatever you want.”

Fletcher appeased the Marlborough school officials by using white-out over the word Christmas, but he did not change the flyer to say “Holiday.”

“In this case, this political correctness has just gone too far,” Fletcher said. “It’s just getting out of hand.”

You can say that again. But as long as there are lawyers and non-profits and troublemakers who can fill their coffers by tearing down American traditions, the war on Christmas is here to stay.

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