WATCH: LGBT Student Calls Out Anti-White Professor


If you’ve been on a college campus within the last decade, you’d notice that all liberal arts are woke as hell. You’ll see that the majority of educators lean pretty far left. Who would want to send their kids of to just get indoctrinated? Well, at least some young adults have the fortitude to stand up to these professors. In a video where no details were shared, we see a self-proclaimed member of the LGBT community who calls out a professor for anti-white comments. It appears that this occurred in a University of Georgia classroom — and from the discussion, we can conclude that this a mandatory class. Take a look at this brave young soul.

  1. RJ O'Guillory says

    …good for the young man…

  2. Josette says

    This male student did Great! He told the truth. Too bad more of the students do not stand up against this indoctrination, i.e., the white female student that the camera flashed on that was defending the WOKE professor.

  3. Gail McFadden says

    This is the kind of anti-American crap that colleges and universities are indoctrinating our young people with. They are given millions of dollars by the government and yet, they put down America! They are all coming from the Communist creeds and that is f—–g crazy.

  4. Darlene says

    I agree totally with this person. That is the problem with a captive audience in today’s schools. People, the same people who said do not judge us by the color of our skin, are doing the same thing. However it is not racism in the situation we see today. You can’t have it both ways.

  5. C T Rodriguez says

    The young man in GA who spoke up against his Professor??? Very brave and articulate and correct! No one should generalize about people-no matter their color, race, religion, political viewpoint, etc. People are all individuals and should be treated as such.

  6. Human says

    Trend much? This nonsense is more the norm than we would like to believe. All this garbage does is divide people. This my friends is not the real world . If this man had half a brain he wouldn’t have to say the word like in everything he says. “Like manners propagates like continues like perpetuates like” etc.
    This is what parents are paying their for their children to be forced to listen to. Biden wants all of us to pay off woke kids student loans when this is the type of “like” nonsense they’re being taught. What does this teach black students? It’s teaching that any failure on their part is not their fault and that they can never succeed because all white people propagate racism regardless of their intentions. What an absolute waste of time.

  7. JERRY Leonard says

    Take government support away from schools that hire people like this , especially when the class is mandatory. Maybe then colleges and universities will engage teachers that want to teach subject matter and not their opinions.

  8. PattiO says

    if there is racism in goergia then how did this black man get a job in a college

  9. aaa says

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