“We’ve Proven It”: Trump Decries Supreme Court Decision on Texas Lawsuit


In an interview with Fox News on Saturday, President Donald Trump said he is beyond discouraged with the Supreme Court after their decision to pass on a lawsuit brought by Texas against four states they claim violated the Constitution in preparing for the 2020 election. The lawsuit, which would have almost certainly overturned Joe Biden’s victory had it been successful at the nation’s high court, was seen by many of the president’s allies as the last, best chance to reclaim victory.

Trump maintains that the 2020 election was awash in fraud and Democratic Party malfeasance, costing him a victory that should have rightfully been his. Unfortunately, the courts have not seen it the same way; none of the lawsuits filed by Trump and his allies have gotten much of a hearing from the judiciary at any level.

“We’ve proven it, but no judge has had the courage, including the Supreme Court — I am so disappointed in them,” Trump said in the interview. “No judge, including in the Supreme Court of the United States, has had the courage to allow it to be heard.”

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Indeed, while many of the president’s eager critics have taken the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case as a statement on the merits of the case, it was actually nothing of the kind. The court determined that Texas lacked standing to file the lawsuit against Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin – a matter wholly separate from the facts and arguments made in the suit.

“The complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” announced the Supreme Court on Friday.

“The Supreme Court, all they did is say we don’t have standing,” Trump said. “So they’re saying essentially the president of the United States and Texas and these other states, great states, they don’t have standing.”

If we’re being honest, we think this was just a way for Chief Justice John Roberts to avoid getting involved. Roberts has a preoccupation with preserving the dignity of the Supreme Court, and he knows that taking up this lawsuit would roil the leftists from coast to coast – nevermind what it would do to the nation if the court were to determine that the election should be overturned. Trump and Co. could have the most compelling case in the world, and we’re pretty sure the court would have turned it away.

This one, like it or not, is over. Biden is going to be the next president. Whatever shenanigans the Democrats pulled to make it happen – legal or otherwise – it’s clear that they’re going to get away with it.

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