What a Presidency: Nearly 1 in 4 Americans Support Seceding From the United States


The tarnished legacy of the Obama presidency grows worse by the day. According to a new poll from Reuters, 23.9% of Americans either strongly supported or tended to support the notion of their state breaking away from the union. Perhaps inspired by the controversy over Scotland’s vie for independence, Americans are more hip than ever to the possibility of pulling away from the Obama administration’s horrible practices.

Predictably, Republicans tended to be more secession-minded than Democrats, but the poll results didn’t cut clearly across party lines. Many in rural Western states were also warm to the idea of breaking away. Northeasterners and Democrats tended to be more strongly opposed to the concept. In all, 53% of respondents fell into the opposition category.

A host of factors played a part in in the poll results, though Obama’s handling of healthcare and the rise of ISIS seem to be big parts of the dissatisfaction. Also factoring in to the anger is the never-ending gridlock Americans perceive from Congress, naturally leading many to wonder if their states wouldn’t be better off governing themselves. No U.S. state has attempted to secede from the country since the Civil War.

Reuters spoke with Brittany Royal, a 31-year-old nurse from North Carolina who said that Obamacare was a strong factor in her desire for state independence. “That has really hurt a lot of people here, myself included. My insurance went from $40 a week for a family of four to over $600 a month for a family of four.”

A President Above the Constitution

It can’t be too surprising that the drive for secession has gained steam over the last six years. We have a president in office who has made it clear that he does not consider himself beholden to the laws of the Constitution. When the guiding federal document is soaked in lighter fluid and sent up in flames, what incentive do state residents have to stay loyal to the country? Obama has flagrantly violated the Constitution by making executive changes to Obamacare without congressional approval, by deferring deportations and promising to take further executive action on amnesty for illegals, by making “recess” appointments even while the Senate was in session, and by illegally waging war in Libya without legislative authorization. That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Obama’s illegitimate presidency.

For now, proponents of secession remain a political minority, but the movement only grows stronger as Washington’s power grows larger. We’ve moved far away from the guiding principles of federalism that put the vast majority of power into the hands of the state. The federal government has grown into an untamed behemoth, sucking us dry even as it fails to solve the problems all that tax money was supposed to solve. With people like Obama in office, the national deficit continues to skyrocket while Americans wonder if we’ll ever see the glory days of a booming economy again.

Scotland’s vie for national independence proved unsuccessful this time around, but America’s dialogue is just getting started.

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