What the Hell: Boy Scouts Now Open to…Girls?

Not long after the organization bowed to political correctness by allowing transgender boys to wear the uniform, the Boy Scouts of America announced this week that they would throw open the doors of membership to literally anyone who wanted to join, including, most conspicuously, girls.

“The Scouts’ record of producing leaders with high character and integrity is amazing,” BSA’s chairman Randall Stephenson said in a statement. “I’ve seen nothing that develops leadership skills and discipline like this organization. It is time to make these outstanding leadership development programs available to girls.”

We probably won’t know for some time all of the factors that led up to this decision, but we do know that the Boy Scouts were under considerable pressure from feminist groups like the National Organization for Women. And here, we get another lesson in what happens when a conservative group bows to leftist movements and their absurd demands. Because it was not until the Boy Scouts allowed transgender children to serve in the organization that NOW began asking the big question: Hey, if they’re allowed, why not girls?

“Women can now hold all combat roles in the military, and women have broken many glass ceilings at the top levels of government, business, academia, and entertainment,” NOW president Terry O’Neil said in February. “It’s long past due that girls have equal opportunities in Scouting.”

Some – including representatives from the Girl Scouts – have accused BSA of making this change because of their own dwindling membership roles. Which is the height of irony, since much of the Boy Scouts’ current problems in recruiting new members comes from their increased flirtation and submissiveness to liberal culture demands. First, they let gays be pack leaders. Next, they opened the doors for transgender children. And somehow, these two moves DIDN’T bring liberal parents out in droves to sign their kids up for the local Boy Scouts chapter! Nor did it probably help when the Boy Scouts leadership went out of its way to denounce guest speaker Donald Trump. Much like the NFL, it is all too clear to conservative America which way the Boy Scout winds are blowing.

Call us crazy, but we don’t foresee a massive rush of young girls eager to join an organization called the “Boy Scouts,” so we doubt this latest stunt will do much to improve the fortunes of this longstanding institution. More than ever before, in fact, they are at risk of becoming yet another great American organization RUINED by feminists and liberals.

Thanks, guys. Can’t wait to see what you target next.

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