When Will Republicans Fight Back Against Socialism?

Republicans should pay close attention to the way Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama talk about Donald Trump. Whenever these three offer criticism of the Republican frontrunner, they almost invariably punctuate it with some variation of the following: When it comes right down to it, Trump is no different from the rest of the party. It’s a strategy, and it’s one that the entire Democratic Party is following.

We don’t see much of that on our side. Sure, the Republicans have charged that Clinton would essentially represent a third Obama term, but that’s low-hanging fruit. That’s first grade. We need to dig deeper, and we need to start talking about Democrats the way they talk about us.

Consider a new op-ed written by former New Hampshire Governor Judd Gregg. In it, the Republican laments how successful Sanders has been despite his socialist beliefs. “Democrats following Sanders are proposing a fundamental break with our market-based economic system,” Gregg wrote. “They are proposing a completely different course by promoting socialism.”

Gregg laid out the many, many historical failures of the socialist system before blaming America’s educational system for failing today’s millennial Democrats. It’s a great piece, but it falls short of the message we need at the highest levels of the Republican Party.

Put plainly: Bernie Sanders is an extremist. Yet you would not know this if you listened to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or any other Republican leaders. They regard Sanders as an amusing diversion. They assume he won’t win, and therefore they’re glad to see him softening Hillary up before the general election.

But Sanders, extreme as he might be, is not an anomaly. He is the future of the Democratic Party. The next “democratic socialist” who runs for president won’t run into any resistance over that label. Oh, right, like good ol’ Bernie. I liked that guy! Straight shooter. Funny. Remember when that bird landed on his podium?

We need to stop treating ideas like “free college” as laughable, wacky propositions. We need to start telling voters how dangerous these people are. Not just Sanders. Not just Obama. Not just Clinton. We need to explain in soaring detail how everything Democrats touch turns to trash. How their increasingly-socialist agenda is destroying America.

The spirit of competition is what made this country great. The unique framework of freedom designed by our founders allowed Americans to push the limits of human achievement to heights once thought impossible. Do the young Bernie supporters understand what they’re throwing away?

Maybe someone should tell them.

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