White House to GOP: Trump Was “Entirely Correct” to Blame All Sides

The White House issued talking points to allies in the Republican Party on Tuesday – talking points that are almost certainly going to be ignored by politicians who refuse to stand up to the media’s ideological tyranny. As far as the mainstream right is concerned, President Trump is completely toxic at this point. Like rats from a sinking ship, Republicans are doing everything they can to distance themselves from the president, as if he REALLY IS the neo-Nazi, white supremacist that the liberal media insists that he is. It occurs to only a very, very select few that maybe – just maybe – it’s just the media lying once again in an attempt to smear all of conservatism with the same racist brush.

The president, said the issued talking points, was “entirely correct – both sides of the violence in Charlottesville acted inappropriately, and bear some responsibility.” The memo went on to encourage Republicans to remind the press that Trump used “no ambiguity” in condemning the white supremacist groups that gathered for the rally at UVA and in the town square the next day. The White House asked allies to present President Trump as “a voice for unity and calm” and a leader “taking swift action to hold violent hate groups accountable.”

The memo concluded by asking politicians and the media to “join the president in trying to unite and heal our country rather than incite more division.”

So what has been the response to the leak of this memo? Naturally, it’s been reported as a White House desperately trying to do damage control.

Make no mistake about it, the liberal media has its knives out like never before. Oh, they were bad before. But the aftermath of Charlottesville proves something that few would have thought possible before this week: As badly as they have covered this man since the dawn of his campaign, it is actually possible for them to sink even lower. The coverage this week has been unprecedented in its dishonesty, its vitriol, its shamelessness. There is no longer any meaningful difference between the liberal slop served up at a site like ShareBlue and The New York Times.

Not once – NOT ONCE – has Donald Trump defended white supremacists, neo-Nazis, whatever you want to call them. And yet, we have think pieces in some of the nation’s leading mainstream newspapers warning us of 1930s fascism coming to American shores. It’s absolutely outrageous.

These pieces are right about one thing – this IS a dark moment for American democracy. When a leader cannot deliver an unqualified condemnation of hate, bigotry, and violence without being cast as a Nazi, it is a dark moment indeed.

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