White House May Attack Putin With More Aggressive Sanctions


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said that “nothing is off the table,” including oil and energy sanctions should Putin continue his designs on Ukraine.

Psaki joined “America’s Newsroom” to discuss the Biden administration’s response to the crisis in Ukraine as it relates to energy and any and all moves the White House is still considering as the unprovoked Russian assault continues.

“They have serious financial problems on the ground in Russia that is impacting President Putin and the circle around him,” Psaki told co-hosts Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer. “What he also looks at, though, and we were very cognizant of, is minimizing the impact on the global markets and the American people.”

Psaki also mentioned a “wide range of options remain on the table” when asked about potentially reopening the Keystone XL Pipeline to minimize energy dependence abroad, reiterating the president’s concern surrounding energy prices.

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“This Keystone pipeline, it would take years for that to have an impact on prices,” Psaki said. “Obviously, there are a range of reasons why the president opposes it, but it wasn’t functioning, isn’t functioning. It would take years. There are also 9000 approved oil leases that oil companies are not tapping into.”

“So yes, we all want to take steps to address any rise in gas prices that impact the American people,” she continued. “But we should be very clear about what policies will help and what policies will not help.”

  1. Anonymous says

    He needs to do it now

  2. Bill Meeker says

    Psaki and the entire crew in our White House truly believe the American People are nothing but a bunch of morons. First off, you can’t “attack” anybody with a sanction. You can establish one, enforce one or plan one, but you can’t attack with one. As for “everything being on the table,” this is another lie. Restarting oil production in the US to a level of independency is not on the table, having an emergency vote to admit Ukraine to NATO, establishing a NATO “no-fly zone” over Ukraine and many other things are “not on the table” because our President Biden is terrified of Putin. But in fairness, he is joined in his fear by the other leaders of NATO.

    1. Old Man says

      You are corredt

      1. Old Man says


  3. Doc says

    Why don’t bidelbop get off his lazy ass and open keystone and all the other pipelines

  4. Kimmie says

    The pipeline should have NEVER been shut down to begin with, one of a million bad decisions made by this administration, I’m ready for this nightmare to be over with, I’m ready for Nancy to go where we never have to look at her again, she makes my skin crawl, she looked like a giddy child at his speech. Maybe he will use a cigar on her and then we can impeach him. Lol

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