Why Aren’t Democrats Focused on the Supposed Russian Threat?

According to the Democratic Party’s narrative, Russia – with some help, tacit or otherwise, from the Trump campaign – declared war on the United States in 2016. They hacked the Democratic National Committee and released private emails at strategic junctures to hurt Hillary Clinton. They hacked into Clinton’s campaign manager’s email server and did the same. They unleashed an army of social media trolls and advertisements meant to sway people towards voting for Donald Trump. They may have even tried to get their wormy Russian hands into our very election systems.

And they are going to do it again next year.

So with all that in the air, why don’t Democrats seem all that worried about it? Instead of poring over every Trump-related detail in the Mueller report, why aren’t they passing legislation that would make it more difficult for Vladimir Putin to pull off a repeat performance? Why aren’t they holding hearings in the House to find out what Congress can do to stop this impending threat from unfolding once again? Why are they wasting time on tax returns, William Barr accountability sessions, impeachment deliberations, and spectacle-focused interviews with Michael Cohen? What does any of that have to do with saving the homeland from the Big Bad Russians?

Is it possible that Democrats know, deep in their hearts, that Russian interference made very little – if any – difference in the 2016 election? Is it possible that a handful of Russian trolls and a sprinkling of Russian ad campaigns amounted to no more than a hill of beans? Is it possible that Democrats have been overemphasizing the Big Bad Russian Threat so they can use it as a political weapon against Donald Trump? So that they can cast aspersions on his character, insinuate that he’s in league with Putin, and even suggest that he’s not the legitimate President of the United States?


Democrats in the House could prove through their actions that this isn’t true. They could prove to the American people that Russia’s interference in the 2016 election was tantamount to the 9/11 attacks, as some of them have actually said. They could do that by retraining their focus on the threat itself instead of endlessly litigating that election with the sole purpose of finding Trump at fault. Robert Mueller has resigned, filed his report, and exonerated the president of any collusion. An honest and good-faith response to that conclusion would be to move on and prepare for whatever the Russians have in store for 2020.

Alas, through their actions, Democrats are proving every day that they don’t care one whit about what the Russians have planned. Russia, to them, is just a convenient excuse to explain the dire political straits they find themselves in. If they really took the threat seriously, they would be doing something about it.

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