Why Pelosi Hates Bipartisanship

Every politician praises the benefits of bipartisanship. In rare times, we see bipartisanship in action.  But for some, it is just a matter of false allegiance.  For them, power trumps cooperation and the search for common ground. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one such person.  Her claims of fealty to bipartisanship are as dubious as her frequent claim to being a devout Catholic despite her active support of abortion.  On that one she has been called out by her own San Francisco archbishop.  Pelosi’s claim of seeking bipartisanship is just as phony.  But I digress.

Pelosi is a hardline strident rule-or-ruin leftwing Democrat – favoring one-party rule over collegial and cooperative governance.  She does not see those of other parties or philosophies as loyal opposition, but as enemies of the state.  It is part of the Democrat DNA and Pelosi is afflicted with the most extreme variant.

No where is this more obvious than in her handling of the Capitol Hill riots.  She claims to favor bipartisanship, but she had produced the most partisan committee imaginable.

Let us assume for one minute that Pelosi was sincere in her desire for a bipartisan inquiry into the events of January 6th.  It was within her power to create such a reality.  After the Senate killed off the unnecessary “commission,” Pelosi could have pursued her own unnecessary inquiry in a bipartisan manner.

Pelosi could have created a Select Committee with equal representation of Democrats and Republicans – and with a rotating chairmanship.  She could have provided the Republicans on that Committee with equal subpoena powers.  She could have allowed the Republicans to explore whatever aspects of the riot they wished – rather than making certain relevant subjects off limits.  She could have allowed the Republican leadership to select its members without unprecedented interference – including not appointing biased Republicans after rejecting two of the choices of the GOP leadership – an action never seen in American history.

Had she really valued bipartisanship, that is what she would have done – and her Select Committee might have had initial credibility with the American people.  But that is not how Pelosi operates. 

Pelosi does not want an inquiry or investigation.  She wants a rubber-stamp panel to endorse and promote her preordained findings.  We should all be away of the dangers of getting only one side of the story.  And that is what Pelois is producing.  The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will never be discovered or revealed by this charade of an investigation.  It is for the rest of us Americans to not be fooled by Pelosi’s crass partisanship.

So, there ‘tis.

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