Why Should Trump Take Questions From Hostile Media?

The collective mainstream media is having a (‘nother) meltdown this week because President Trump took questions from alternative online outfits instead of the usual New York Times/AP/Washington Post folks at his pressers. Rather than listen to these so-called journalists try to “get” him with another endless series of attacks disguised as questions, the president called on people from The Daily Caller, Townhall, and a few other conservative-leaning sites. The horror!

News outlets like CNN were grumbling on TV, insisting that “the fix” was in when it came to Trump’s press conferences.

You can say that again.

“The fix” was in a long time ago, and Trump called it from the early days of his campaign. He told us time and again that the system was rigged, and while he saved some of his criticism for the Republican National Committee (and later, the general election system), he was mostly talking about his enemies in the mainstream media. When Steve Bannon called them “the opposition party,” he wasn’t joking. And they’ve lived up to that moniker every day since.

It would be one thing if Trump were getting softball questions from these conservative outlets. Oooh, Mr. Trump, can you tell us how much greater America is today than it was when you took office? Thanks! Then we could admit that there’s a problem.

But the questions were reasonable and relevant to the events. Katie Pavlich at Townhall asked Trump about the two-state solution in a joint presser with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Is that not a relevant, fair question at such a time? What else should be asked?

Oh, but the liberal media just wants to ask Trump about Michael Flynn, Russia, Michael Flynn, and Russia. Nothing else matters, even though there’s virtually nothing for the president to say. He’s made it clear that he is angry about the leaks, and he said all that needed to be said when he fired his national security adviser – a man who has supported him since the early days of the campaign.

At this point, Trump is fully justified in freezing out his enemies in the media, because they aren’t even pretending to give his administration a fair shake. Every headline is more negative than the last. Why should he stand up there and take questions from journalists who have said – sometimes in as many words – that their only goal is to get him removed from office as quickly as possible?


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