Wide-Eyed Liberals: Gee, Why is Brett Kavanaugh So Angry?


The day of and the day after Brett Kavanaugh launched a forceful, impassioned, righteous defense of himself in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, liberals all over the press found themselves a brand spanking new way to attack the Supreme Court nominee: His temperament and his partisanship.

Aaron Blake from the Washington Post: “Kavanaugh wasn’t just decrying the process — which he called a ‘national disgrace.’ He was pointing the finger directly at Democrats and saying they alone were responsible for it. […] Kavanaugh’s hearing comes in the midst of increasing polarization of our politics and our supposedly nonpartisan judicial system. And when he was backed into a corner, Kavanaugh decided it was time to drop the pretense.”

Matt Ford from The New Republic: “Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday was unlike anything in the Supreme Court’s history. In what can only be described as an angry and vengeful tirade, he lashed out at the American left, Democratic lawmakers, and ‘friends of the Clintons’ for the attacks and allegations that he’s faced since his nomination to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. It was an astonishingly partisan performance for a sitting federal judge, let alone one who hopes to serve on the nation’s highest court. […] His behavior on Thursday casts serious doubt on whether he has the temperament to sit on the Supreme Court.”

Jennifer Rubin from the Washington Post (and yes, we’re completely comfortable calling her a liberal): “Kavanaugh says he was not the attacker. But even if you believe that — despite Ford’s riveting testimony — one can reasonably conclude he is not the right person to sit on the court. His anger toward liberals is palpable, his lack of humility bracing. He has the partisan mindset that opponents are unworthy of respect and kindness. […] I believe Dr. Ford. But even if one does not, one can easily and firmly reach the conclusion Kavanaugh is far too partisan and angry to be on the Supreme Court.”

MSNBC legal analyst Cynthia Alksne: “I thought it was a temper tantrum. You have a feeling for what he’s like when he is, as his roommate from Yale described him when he drank, that he could be an angry and belligerent drunk. He was angry and belligerent, and it was kind of scary.”

Can you witness something astonishing without being astonished in the least? The fact that these sick, depraved leftists can spend two weeks trashing this good man only to turn around and say that his REACTION to their smear campaign disqualifies him from sitting on the Supreme Court is beyond words. If anything, after what Brett Kavanaugh has endured since Dianne Feinstein dropped this bombshell, he was restrained in his testimony. After all, he only brought a calendar from 1982 to aid in his defense.

A lesser man might have brought a flamethrower.

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