WikiLeaks: Clinton Team Was Worried About Bill’s Affairs

New emails from WikiLeaks show the Clinton campaign nervously exchanging messages about Bill Clinton’s secret affair in 2014, just after the Daily Mail ran a story exposing the former president’s sexual trysts with a New York City socialite.

Released this weekend, the emails reveal that Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, top adviser Cheryl Mills, and Bill Clinton aide Tina Fluornoy were concerned about a then-new book called “The First Family in Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents” by Edward Klein.

In the book, Bill Clinton is said to have carried on a long-term affair with a woman named Julie McMahon Tauber.

“Who is the ‘Energiser’ who has been Clinton’s secret lover?” asked Mills in an email to Podesta in July 2014.

“Well, they sure managed to get every name into one story,” wrote Podesta after reviewing the Daily Mail article. “I guess you got to give them credit for that.”

In the Daily Mail article, McMahon is referred to as the “Energizer Bunny,” a name used by Secret Service agents – apparently in reference to McMahon’s company, Energy Pioneer Solutions. According to the paper – and to years of coverage in the National Enquirer – Clinton pursued a relationship with the socialite for most of the Obama administration years.

“Saw her picture in this or last week’s Enquirer,” grumbled Podesta in an email from December 2014. “Probably need to revisit our Whitehaven conversation.”

No details yet as to what they might mean, exactly. Whitehaven was the mansion the Clintons used to occupy in Washington, D.C.

According to one Enquirer story, friends of McMahon said the couple’s secret affair was a source of quiet amusement.

“It became a running joke in the family,” the source told the tabloid in 2011. “If Clinton traveled to London, we’d learn Julie was also visiting London. When Clinton went to France, we’d discover Julie was also in France.”

But records show that the couple’s affair might not be a laughing matter to everyone. In 2010, the Clinton Foundation awarded McMahon’s energy company a $2 million grant for no discernible charitable purpose. Nothing like using your charity to get in good with your side piece, eh, Bill?

On the campaign trail, the former president has tried to present himself as an elder statesman who has overcome his youthful mistakes through time-earned wisdom. But stories like this remind us that underneath that frail, doddering exterior resides the same pathetic character we all grew to loathe in the 1990’s.

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