Will Democrats Forgive Bernie Sanders?


Just imagine if this kind of skeleton was found in a Republican’s closet!

It has surfaced that liberal favorite Bernie Sanders may have a little bit of trouble joining Democrats in the “War on Women” strategy as he makes his longshot bid for the White House. The self-described socialist has hit a nerve with hippies and young liberals alike, but an essay he wrote in 1972 might be enough to ruin his already meager chances of starting a movement.

Writing in the Vermont Freeman, the future career Senator penned an essay called “Man and Woman” that displayed Sanders’ affinity for the theories of Sigmund Freud. Within the text, Sanders had this to say about the female sexual experience: “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man, as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”


Can you really hurt a candidate who is trailing this far behind the Democratic frontrunner? Perhaps not. But it will be telling in the coming days to watch the liberal media – to say nothing of Sanders’ actual supporters – try to defend this indefensible essay. We will hear all of the excuses. We will hear that his voting record has always reflected women’s liberation. We will hear that it was a long time ago and that he has since changed his mind on female sexuality. We will read stories dredging up dirt on Republican candidates in an attempt to make a moral equivalence. What we will not hear are calls for Sanders to get out of the race and retire.

Because when a liberal favorite messes up – even with something this nasty – the left circles the wagons. When a conservative messes up, they draw out the heavy artillery. They make sure that they can draw lines from the conservative’s error and the entire Republican Party. Is there any chance that someone in the liberal media is going to write a think piece that says that Democrats have a women problem? Of course not. This is Sanders’ gaffe and his alone. And even he will probably escape unscathed.

Unfortunately, even if this doesn’t just blow over, it will only strengthen Hillary Clinton’s position in the race. Even with a strong Sanders, she is basically just running against herself. She has no legitimate competition for the nomination. The only thing that can derail Clinton is Clinton, and it appears that she is immune to scandal. At least with Sanders in the race, Clinton would be forced to acknowledge that she is not as liberal as she is trying to make herself seem. She might get hit with a few piercing attacks. She might not get the entirety of the liberal vote. If Sanders is disqualified from the race by this essay, she is once again free to pursue the nomination without fear of attacks from the left.

But that probably won’t be a matter worth worrying about. Sanders won’t be crucified for this essay. The left will keep on keeping on, pretending as though Republicans are the ones with an anti-woman agenda. Blissful hypocrisy, it’s the Democrat way.

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