Will Obama Punish North Carolina for New Law?

Various departments inside the Obama administration are determining whether or not North Carolina’s new law, which prevents cities from enacting LGBT discrimination statutes that go beyond existing state protections, should trigger a loss of federal funding. According to the New York Times, top officials in Education, Transportation, and Housing are thinking about pulling funds from the Tarheel State.

President Obama has been persistent in opposing laws that are “discriminatory” against gays, lesbians, and transgenders. Civil rights activists hope that he will use this opportunity to double down on that stance.

From the NY Times:

James D. Esseks, who works on gender and sexual orientation issues for the American Civil Liberties Union, said the North Carolina law represented a chance for the Obama administration to stand behind those views. He called on the federal government to say: “Hey folks, we’re serious here. We’re not going to give you all this federal money if you’re requiring discrimination in every corner of the state.”

Requiring discrimination! Really? Is that what the law is doing? In 2016, passing a law that says, You’re a guy, use the guy’s bathroom – that’s requiring discrimination? When you pay attention to this stuff day in and day out, you get numb to some of this liberal insanity, but a comment like this is like a cold splash of water.

Pulling federal funding from North Carolina, the paper admits, is an “unlikely” outcome, regardless of how Obama chooses to pressure Governor Pat McCrory. Not only are there many other states without specific LGBT protections, federal law itself does not extend blanket protections on the basis of sexual orientation. If the feds chose to punish the state by withholding funds, a lawsuit would soon follow.

Obama has said that the LGBT crusade is another chapter in America’s struggle for civil rights. No matter what you think about that, it’s getting harder to see a future for laws like the one in North Carolina. The left is winning the culture war by hook or by crook. If they can’t win over the voters with a message, they’ll go in and implement their desired results by force. See the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage for evidence.

In the middle of a heated, opinionated primary election, it’s important to take a step back once in a while and remember who the real enemies are. These Democrats are flushing more than 200 years of American tradition and more than a thousand years of human tradition down the toilet, and our country is in real jeopardy. Another four years of this party in the White House could do long-lasting damage to the U.S. Infighting aside, let’s not forget what’s at stake.

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