With Friends Like Mitt Romney, Who Needs Enemies?

Apparently it’s that time of the month where RINO Sen. Mitt Romney begins to crave some of that sweet, sweet adoration from the mainstream media. After all, in this 24/7 news cycle, who can even remember the last time Romney played the Good Conservative to all his fans on MSNBC? The impeachment vote against President Donald Trump was more than a month ago; you can’t build a reliable fanbase like that. You have to keep coming back for more. You have to make it clear to even a blind man that, if there comes an opportunity to oppose Trump, you’re going to take it every damn time.

What were you thinking, Utah?

This time around, Romney is threatening to throw a monkey wrench into the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s investigation of Joe Biden, Burisma, and Biden’s son, Hunter. In remarks to reporters on Thursday, Romney said that he thought the investigation was political in its appearance, and he cast doubts about whether he would vote to approve sending a subpoena to a Democratic public affairs firm about Hunter Biden’s time on the Burisma board.

“I would prefer that investigations are done by an independent, nonpolitical body,” said the guy who voted to convict the president on evidence collected by that independent, nonpolitical body known as the Democratic Party. “There’s no question the appearance is not good. It appears political, and I think people are tired of these kinds of political investigations.”

What an extraordinary time to come to that realization, Mitt.

As noted by the Washington Post, Romney’s defection could singlehandedly sink the investigation.

“While Romney’s vote to remove Trump was essentially a symbolic one, that wouldn’t be the case in the committee,” the paper reported. “Republicans have a 8-to-6 majority, meaning Romney’s vote, when combined with the six Democrats on the committee, would deadlock it at 7-7 and prevent the subpoena from being issued.”

Regardless of Romney’s games in the Senate, President Trump promised Wednesday that Biden’s dealings with Ukraine would come to light during the general election.

“That will be a major issue in the campaign,” Trump said. “I will bring that up all the time, because I don’t see any way out for them. I don’t see how they can answer those questions. I hope they can. I’d actually prefer it that they can’t.”

Ah, you have to love the president’s candor. You always know where the guy stands.

We suppose, in an uglier sort of way, the same is true of Mitt Romney.

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