With Riots Raging, Portland Cracks Down…On Using Gendered Language


Days after an election in which incompetent, ineffective Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler won reelection only because he was up against an actual member of Antifa, the city council is once again proving how serious they are about running a coherent government. With protests and riots raging in the streets night after night for months, the city is ready to finally crack down…on the use of gendered language in the City Charter.

“The language of the documents that guide the City should reflect our community,” Mayor Wheeler tweeted this week. “Today, Council authorized the City Auditor to remove feminine and masculine terms from the City Charter. This important step will help make our documents more inclusive of all gender identities.”

We’re sure that Portland-area business owners, residents, and normal hard-working people are relieved to hear about this dramatic shift.

“The intent is to be more inclusive in our language,” said City Auditor’s Office official Amanda Lamb. “The charter doesn’t need a gendered signifier when referring to a person.”

Rest easy, Portlanders. Your city government is in good hands.

While the city council and mayor are focused intently on making sure transgender two-spirits aren’t offended by language in the City Charter, the usual suspects were out in the streets, making sure that everyone knew that the election of Joe Biden wasn’t going to stop them from destroying government property, lighting fires, or throwing incendiary object at police officers.

“Earlier in the week, including on Election Night, Portland descended back into its all-too-familiar anarchical state seen over the summer. Rioters burned an American flag, threw Molotov cocktails and glass bottles, vandalized local businesses, and continued to raise a commotion as they had done following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis,” reports The Federalist.

Their demands are simple and reasonable. Protesting outside the mayor’s apartment building this week, they called on Wheeler to “reduce the Portland Police Bureau budget, commit to never voting for police budget increases again, and resign.”

Oh. Is that all?

Lest there be any mistake, these people are not “activists” in any meaningful sense of the word. The point is not to get results. The point is not to convince government leaders to enact this policy or that one. The point is not to “win.” The point is to keep protesting, keep creating chaos, and keep destroying the community. They want nothing more or less than the dismantling of America, and they should be treated – immediately – as enemies of the state.

Coddling them only empowers them. Sooner or later, the Democrats in charge of Portland will recognize that reality.

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